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Chris is our lead IT Consultant and Systems Architect, he is a trusted advisor to many high growth businesses. Chris holds the CISSP certification in cyber/information security, an Executive MBA from Manchester Business School, MSc in Technology and Innovation Policy and a BSc in Computer Science. He produced some of the UK’s first research into Shared Services of large business and has an keen interest in bringing big business technology into the reach of mid-market companies. He has worked in various technical and business management roles, as a company director and non-executive director. He has a dislike for bureaucracy and inefficient processes (and people!). Much of the technology he implements is designed to improve processes, responsiveness to customers and management information. The views and comments in this blog however are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Unleashed IT, its parent, suppliers, customers or affiliates.
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23 02, 2018

IT and Business Process

By | 2018-02-23T12:19:12+00:00 February 23rd, 2018|Business Process|0 Comments

I have two strange obsessions that seem to rule my life. Technology, is perhaps the obvious one. I love tech, anything that can do something, solve a problem, make some part of your life or work smarter, faster or more efficient. I'd say this is a healthy obsession and I'm far from being alone on [...]

27 06, 2017

What to do if you think you’re infected with ransomware

By | 2017-06-27T21:11:04+00:00 June 27th, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Not Petya We’ve had WannaCry, WannaCrypt, Petya and now Not Petya, all variants of a style of malware called crypto lockers.   Essentially software that gets onto your system and encrypts your files and stops you using them due to you not having the decryption key to open them. The term ransomware is used because affected [...]

26 06, 2017

The certifiable way to become CISSP certified!

By | 2017-06-26T09:05:54+00:00 June 26th, 2017|Security|0 Comments

Well it’s official, the ISC2 have finally bestowed upon me the prestigious CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) accreditation! I started my journey almost two years ago, just as the new 8 domain material came out.  Despite taking two years to sit the exam (will tell you why later), I managed to pass first time!  [...]

13 05, 2017

What IT Managers should be doing about the NHS Cyber Attack

By | 2017-05-13T10:22:52+00:00 May 13th, 2017|Security|0 Comments

NHS Cyber Attack Yesterday, the 12th of May 2017, there was what the media are calling a 'massive cyber attack' against the NHS.  I'm in agreement with a former leading figure at GCHQ, Brian Lord, who was interviewed on BBC Breakfast News this morning.  He stated that calling this a 'cyber attack' is somewhat misleading and [...]

12 05, 2017

What the heck is GDPR and why should an IT Manager care?

By | 2017-05-12T15:59:08+00:00 May 12th, 2017|Security|0 Comments

Here’s the scene Everyone and their dog in IT reseller land is sending you out hundreds of emails a week about GDPR. You’ve got users with problems breathing down your neck who won’t leave your desk until you’ve reset their password, which if they’d only just remember them you’d get some work done. You’ve also [...]

1 03, 2017

Why I hate the term cybersecurity

By | 2017-03-01T18:30:48+00:00 March 1st, 2017|Security|0 Comments

Cybersecurity and Cyber I’m going to start by saying the terms ‘cyber’ and ‘cybersecurity’ grate on me, a lot.   Seriously, it was the mid-90’s when ‘Cyberbob’ conned the rather lovely Sandra Bullock in The Net.  It was cringe worthy then - and its cringe worthy now. Hackers may have been a bit of a cooler [...]

24 10, 2016

Dyn DNS DDoS – understanding the cyber security terminology!

By | 2016-10-26T08:45:37+00:00 October 24th, 2016|Security|0 Comments

I’ll refrain using the term cyber security for the rest of this blog, let’s face it – it’s so 1990s!  Which brings me neatly to my first point – IT security the hardest part is understanding the terminology! Denial of Service - DoS This weekend’s cyber (damn, didn’t mean to use that -Ed) attack on [...]

15 03, 2016

IT for Joint Ventures

By | 2016-10-26T08:45:40+00:00 March 15th, 2016|Managed Services, Uncategorized|0 Comments

The construction industry isn't exactly well-known for innovation and technology, certainly the formative years of my career were spent fighting getting technology into my employers. These days' things have changed and even the most modest of site cabins have server rooms, IP telephony and fully-fledged networks which has been fuelled in part by the rise [...]

25 02, 2016

Secret brain slugs killing businesses

By | 2016-10-26T08:45:42+00:00 February 25th, 2016|Grinds my Gears|0 Comments

Working in IT, you’re not short of the odd frustration – password resets, telling people to turn it off and on again BEFORE they call you, the worrying trend that people seem to think the IT Department is the ‘operate the IT for you department.” However, my frustrations are starting to be felt in any [...]

13 01, 2016

What does Brexit mean for UK Data Protection?

By | 2016-10-26T08:45:42+00:00 January 13th, 2016|Security|0 Comments

Brexit.  Leaving the EU and it’s laws.  As a long time geek I’ve had the principles of the UK Data Protection Act drummed into me since I studied GCSE IT. It is the foundation of how we lay out the responsibility and liability for the care of the personal data we share with companies and [...]

18 11, 2015

Must have tools for ISO 27001 Compliance Projects

By | 2017-04-07T12:27:17+00:00 November 18th, 2015|IT Consultancy, Security|0 Comments

Here at Unleashed, we take a very different approach to what we do with ISO 27001 compliance.  There is a whole world of consulting around the ISO Management System Standards. This tends to focus on the compliance and adherence to the letter of the standards - paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork! Whilst the consultants are [...]

27 10, 2015

Good business technology is always reassuringly expensive

By | 2016-10-26T08:45:49+00:00 October 27th, 2015|Infrastructure, IT Consultancy, Technology|0 Comments

There's a reason we love certain technology products, the sleek designs of Apple; the latest Microsoft in-house products such as the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. The consumerisation of IT Well-thought-out design can command a premium and drive people to stand in queues overnight at Apple's flagship stores. In the IT world we [...]

3 10, 2015

Going Nuclear with IT Consultancy

By | 2016-10-26T08:45:54+00:00 October 3rd, 2015|IT Consultancy|0 Comments

Having spent over 15 years working in the Cumbrian nuclear supply-chain and growing up on Britain's Energy Coast, you'd think that I'd have learnt a little something about how certain topics of conversation can fill people with dread… The bad jokes I used to think for many of those who work outside of the industry [...]

5 09, 2015

Do consultants borrow your watch to tell you the time?

By | 2016-10-26T08:45:58+00:00 September 5th, 2015|IT Consultancy|0 Comments

Age, experience, hindsight – they are all a funny thing. Back in my youth, I’d have laughed quite hard at businesses that would bring in consultants to tell them facts they already know or even facts that should be blatantly obvious. As I’ve become older, more experienced, perhaps a bit jaded to the insanity I [...]

16 08, 2015

10 Reasons Refurbished and Reconditioned Computers are a False Economy

By | 2016-10-26T08:45:59+00:00 August 16th, 2015|Business Continuity|0 Comments

Those who know me, know that even at my grand old age I’ve been sporting some teenage mouth gear lately.  As such I’ve been having frequent visits to the Orthodontist.  What does this have to do with IT, you ask?  Everything. On my first visit to my orthodontist practice, I needed some x-rays, which I [...]

11 08, 2015

What does Cisco Meraki not have in common with a M&S Self-Checkout

By | 2017-07-17T08:23:40+00:00 August 11th, 2015|Infrastructure|0 Comments

A Non-Apology Dear Marks and Spencer Manchester. It was me, and I'm far from sorry. I took my basket of Dine in for 10 goodies, selected from your specific chilled shelves to your self-check-out. Your staff manning the area ignored me, watched me struggle with my laptop bag, basket and shopping bags and drop my [...]

22 07, 2015

Directors, you’re crushing your IT Managers

By | 2017-07-17T08:23:36+00:00 July 22nd, 2015|IT Consultancy|0 Comments

” I have crushing responsibility but inadequate resources and no authority to implement change.” – Trevor Pott I’ve been dwelling on quite a number of things I’ve read of late.  As many of you may have read, I’m like the Stig of the IT Management world, the tame IT Manager.  It may be that MBA [...]

7 07, 2015

When did IT become all about Technology and nothing about Information?

By | 2016-10-26T08:46:00+00:00 July 7th, 2015|IT Consultancy|0 Comments

People have probably heard this a lot from me in recent weeks. It’s a rant that’s really grinding my gears for a while and really my biggest bugbear of what IT has become. When I try and articulate what we do, my thoughts always go back to the good old days of IT.  Where the [...]

22 06, 2015

The Northern Outhouse Powerhouse

By | 2016-10-26T08:46:01+00:00 June 22nd, 2015|Civil Infrastructure|0 Comments

I’ve been blogging a bit lately on UK technology policy and strategy lately, we’ve looked at the actual technology that the Northern Powerhouse requires and skills. I’ve tried to give some examples of where we’re really struggling and need that strategic help from but are sadly lacking in anything with substance. Currently, the Northern [...]

16 06, 2015

Why Information Technology is like the Force

By | 2016-10-26T08:46:01+00:00 June 16th, 2015|IT Consultancy|0 Comments

“Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi It’s been bugging me this question for a number of years, and I’ve thought about the parallels between the IT department and [...]