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Why I hate the term cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and Cyber I’m going to start by saying the terms ‘cyber’ and ‘cybersecurity’ grate on me, a lot.   Seriously, it was the mid-90’s when ‘Cyberbob’ conned the rather lovely Sandra Bullock in The Net.  It was cringe worthy then - and its cringe worthy now. Hackers may have been a bit of a cooler film of the same year and possibly in some respects [...]

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Your network will be attacked

It is predicted that 2017 will be the year of cyber-crime. Attacks will increase and one thing is for sure, your network will be attacked at some point. So how can you help protect your business? The cost of cyber-crime Cyber-crime is rising at such an alarming rate you can no longer afford to ignore it or take it for granted. Forbes, a leading technology source [...]

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Dyn DNS DDoS – understanding the cyber security terminology!

I’ll refrain using the term cyber security for the rest of this blog, let’s face it – it’s so 1990s!  Which brings me neatly to my first point – IT security the hardest part is understanding the terminology! Denial of Service - DoS This weekend’s cyber (damn, didn’t mean to use that -Ed) attack on Dyn which was a DNS DDoS attack sounds complicated.  But [...]

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Why network security should be top of your to-do list

Network security should be top of your to-do list? Now more than ever, every business is suspect to a cyber-attack.  Whilst we agree it is very difficult to stop these attacks, you can take precautions to stop them affecting your business.  It has been claimed, that 60% of large UK businesses have been hit by cyber-attacks over the past year. The favoured vectors are currently Viruses, [...]

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Unleashed Guide to Ransomware

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is not new and the first cases of CryptoLocker started back in 2013 and most attacks tends to come for outwith the UK.  Ransomware has now become so fruitful that many cyber criminals are now running it as a business!  To the extent of selling lists of infected and vulnerable PC's and Servers to other cyber criminals.  These people are so organised, some have [...]

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Unleashed Guide to Secure your Wi-Fi

It has been estimated that 63% of the Internet traffic worldwide will be sent by Wi-Fi by 2019. So is your Wi-Fi Secure? So what are the drivers for more Wi-Fi? Increased workplace productivity – Wi-Fi allows your business users to work in any location at any time. Cost – in smaller businesses it is cheaper to install a couple of Wireless Access Points than [...]

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