1911, 2014

A Gateway to Smarter Working – The New Cisco BE6000S

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As an avid Cisco follower and yet another company I have a love-hate relationship with, I am rather excited about their latest SMB product.  In Cisco terms this would be called a ‘mid-market’ product.

Finally after the mass cull of SMB products they’ve had – most of which were getting to a good level of maturity, they have listened to those of us who listen to our customers.  Especially here in the UK… […]

1611, 2014

Home Working vs Smarter Working

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In June the Office of National Statistics published data for home working showing that 4.2m people currently are classed as home workers, which is nearly 14% of the workforce.  In addition of that 4.2m, 2.7m use their home as a base to then go out from work other locations.  Flexible Working is sometimes being used as an interchangeable term with Smarter Working – however is more entwined with your employees rights to request flexible working hours as-well-as some degree of home working.

A lot of businesses are branding their flexible working efforts as Smarter Working, where employees are being encouraged to work from different spaces – particularly prominent in the media and creative industries.  One has to really consider that if you’re re-branding the name of an employee right to something slightly different, then are you really trying to blur the lines a bit! […]

311, 2014

Unleashed IT is now known as Unleashed

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You may think that it is only two letters, but changing from being Unleashed IT to Unleashed has been a big move for us.

I used to think having the description of what your company does in its name is great – Joe Blogs Plumbing or A.N.Other Construction – you’ll never question what they do.

However, what […]

2610, 2014

So you think your IT department is rubbish? – IT’s everyone’s responsibility

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Last week I blogged about the relationship between IT and the rest of the company getting to the point where in many organisations the IT function refers to the rest of the company as “the business”. Whilst there are myriad reasons for this – I personally blame ‘best practice’, ITIL and outsourcing as key drivers. I believe that we need to go back to the good old days of where IT departments and IT leadership is shaped to analyse, support and improve a business… […]

1910, 2014

IT and ‘The Business’ – I thought we were on the same side

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Do you remember the good old days of the Information Technology? Nope, me neither, what it must have been to work in an era when computers were the size of rooms and you had to have a certain type of shirt to work with them and a pocket protector for your pens.

In the early days of computing, any use of computers in business was all about automation, efficiency making and generally making the world a better place. Oh, and as an IT Manager (or equivalent) back in the day you had a Computer Science or Electronic Engineering degree or you wouldn’t be able to switch the things on… […]

2105, 2014

Swimming in the Channel: Customers Matter

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I’ve had a few struggles with Dell lately, they’ve shifted my account to the same call centre that calls me up at night asking if I want insurance (okay, not quite, but nearly!). I closed my account and then received a phone call from our former account manager attempting to get me to talk to said Indian call centre, despite written assurances this wouldn’t happen and a confirmation of our account closure. I’ve asked for a written apology for said issues from their UK Commercial Channel Manager and received nothing. It’s a numpty run world here in the technology channel and some companies are stuffed full of them – but is there any hope…? […]

1505, 2014

Swimming in the Channel: The Disconnected world of IT

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Technology can be (on some days) be the greatest profession to be in, the thrill of solving problems, making processes more efficient, speeding things up and generally making the world an easier and better place is what gives most us (decent) IT people a buzz… […]

1205, 2014

Swimming the Technology Channel Continued: Integrity

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It’s funny, on many occasions I struggle to come up with blog topics then a series of events – or a debacle, usually (in my case) with a large company will lead to the inspiration. My saga with Dell continues – and unfortunately it doesn’t get any better for them either… […]

1105, 2014

IT’s sink or swim when you’re in the Technology Channel

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IT Managers must think life in the “channel” is easy, we rock up, shout a vendors name over-and-over again and get our deal registration to block out our competitors and bobs you’re uncle, you’ve got an order based on the fact you were first past the post and all you did was repeat a manufacturers name several times. At least, that’s what I used to think when I was an IT Manager. Now I’m in the channel I’m a self-conscious guy, after all, I’m still not too sure what channel I’m meant to be swimming in. […]

205, 2014

To hell with Dell?

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Okay, there will be NO blog this week. I’m far too angry. I’m far too angry to tell you that on the back of an excellent result in our last financial year, phenomenal growth and a general good vibe returning to the economy and even though we’ve grown our business with Dell, we’re being sent off to deal with a transactional account manager in India… […]