Using IT to beat the big guys

It’s a little known fact that I have bragging rights that I conducted some of the UK’s first research into Shared Services. Now if you’re a small or medium business, then that’ll mean nothing to you and also negate any bragging rights I have about it. Indeed, but what I learnt during my time on my masters degree many, many years ago changed the way that I thought about setting up IT for the SME that I ended up starting my career with.

Shared Services are where large organisations consolidate finance, IT, HR and other function into one location and hence reduce costs. The development agencies love this behaviour as it means more jobs in a particular area. Manchester was of course one area that a conurbation grew and was a host of the Shared Services Week on more than one occasion and I had the opportunity on finding out how technology enabled big companies to run their functions efficiently… […]

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Cyber Security and are we doing enough?

Whether we like it or not, we now live in a digital age, this means living by digital standards. This means businesses Large or Small have to protect what is rightfully theirs. Cyber […]

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IT Support Contracts – IT’s a two way street

I recite this tale to those who listen, quite often. I’ve actually refrained from talking about it publically for some time in the fear that I may offend some potential clients or scare some people off. It’s not until recently until a valued partner of ours pointed out that the people we scare off, probably shouldn’t be our clients anyway that I actually thought it makes a good blog. In the myriad of business books I’ve read over the years, they actually refer to this as a “self-weeding garden” – and who doesn’t want one of those!… […]

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Help: never there when you need it, always there when you don’t

Continuing the theme of help from last week’s blog where I categorised the type of help that seems to be common at the moment. Whilst like I always say, no business and no […]

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Help: is a four letter word

Those of you that follow my blog have probably realised that I have a lot of peeves, in fact I wouldn’t have a Peter Griffin like blog category called, ‘Grinds my Gears’ if I didn’t.

Blogging isn’t necessarily a tool solely to name and shame those who have wronged you either (unless it’s Microsoft). I never feel as if I’m a person who is steadfast in my opinions. New media has given us an opportunity to reach out to people easier, bypass gatekeepers and those less effective members of organisations and really connect with those who are like minded… […]

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Coalition of Good (IT) People

Language is a funny thing, it’s funny how a catchphrase or label can turn words from having positive to negative connotations. Coalitions in the second world war were the norm for governments, quite positive, after all we triumphed. The current UK coalition, well the jury is out. George Bush once use the phrase “coalition of the willing” to refer to the countries who supported the invasion of Iraq. You can see how something positive can easily turn negative. Same goes for partnering, partnerships and the like. Late 90’s and early 00’s we’ve talked nothing other than partner this partner that. We’ve outsourced lots of things to some very poor partners. Especially in the public sector. Would you see partnering with G4S or Serco as a good or bad thing?

The real gift though is to go against the grain, I used the phrase “coalition of good IT people” to describe the other companies that we work with, those who refer us work and we refer it back. Not because of any commercially beneficial arrangement (if there were, I’d be driving a better car) – simply because I know those people will do a good job for the customer. Experience of working together, builds trust, builds a network of people you’d keep going back to. Regardless of whether these people work direct or indirect for a company, it’s more important to deal with good, genuine people who deliver… […]

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