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The cost of human error

The cost of human error, when it comes to cyber-crime can be very damaging. The unfortunate thing is we are making things far too easy for the cyber criminals We are now in the digital age. This means, everything is online or stored on some device. We all use Smartphones and tablets and it is hard to imagine life without them. With the introduction of cameras on our mobile devices and better and faster Internet access. It is easy to take a picture and send it to a Facebook or [...]

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What makes a good Cyber Security Consultant?

What makes a good cyber security consultant? As cyber-crime rises, it seems every IT person is now a cyber security expert. However, with so much information floating around how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Well, Unleashed, is here to help you decide. As we have said many times, in various posts over the last year, cyber security is a science. The sad part though, is most IT people do not fully understand it and most IT sales people certainly shouldn’t be selling it. We say that simply [...]

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What to do if you think you’re infected with ransomware

Not Petya We’ve had WannaCry, WannaCrypt, Petya and now Not Petya, all variants of a style of malware called crypto lockers.   Essentially software that gets onto your system and encrypts your files and stops you using them due to you not having the decryption key to open them. The term ransomware is used because affected users usually must pay in anonymous payments called Bitcoins to release the decryption key from organised criminal groups. Not Petya is merely todays latest variant.  Which differs from those we’ve seen in past weeks because [...]

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The certifiable way to become CISSP certified!

Well it’s official, the ISC2 have finally bestowed upon me the prestigious CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) accreditation! I started my journey almost two years ago, just as the new 8 domain material came out.  Despite taking two years to sit the exam (will tell you why later), I managed to pass first time!  I am now certifiable! Awfully chuffed with myself, but I can tell you having not done a ‘proper’ exam in around ten years, it was amongst the hardest things I’ve ever done.  A six-hour exam [...]

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How secure is your network?

How secure is your network and if asked can you prove it? We have written a lot over the past few months about different aspects of IT cyber security. But fundamentally, it all comes down to one thing, how secure is your network? I could ask this question to 20 IT Managers and get 20 different answers, so my next question to you guys. Can you prove your network is secure? IT Security is a science and covers many different layers. The government has brought out Cyber Essentials as a [...]

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What IT Managers should be doing about the NHS Cyber Attack

NHS Cyber Attack Yesterday, the 12th of May 2017, there was what the media are calling a 'massive cyber attack' against the NHS.  I'm in agreement with a former leading figure at GCHQ, Brian Lord, who was interviewed on BBC Breakfast News this morning.  He stated that calling this a 'cyber attack' is somewhat misleading and sensational in the press. Ultimately, as I've argued before about the term cyber security - it brings up pictures in the public mind of films like Hackers where there's someone sat at the other end [...]

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