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Safe, Secure and Prosperous

Public Sector Action Plan on Cyber Resilience Safe, Secure and Prosperous is the Scottish Government tagline for the Public-Sector Action Plan on cyber resilience (Cyber - Public Sector Action Plan - FINAL - Public Sector Action Plan 2017-18). Although this is mainly aimed at the public sector in Scotland, it is just as relevant to the Private and Third sector. We all know that digital technology means that there are now no borders to doing business. However, more technology means it is easier for cyber-criminals to get hold of your [...]

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GDPR Breach Notification

GDPR breach notification will become the duty of all businesses from May 25th 2018. This means, that within 72 hours of detecting a data breach, you must inform the supervisory authority. What exactly does this mean? Under GDPR breach notification, a personal data breach is defined as – a security leading to the destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data. A very long-winded explanation! But in simple terms, if your business has a data breach that includes any personal data such as; name, address, bank details, [...]

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GDPR, Confused?

GDPR, Confused? Well everyone I have spoken to certainly is! In fact, it has taken me nearly 3 months to get to the bottom of what IT Directors/Managers have to do to ensure you are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliant. In one sense it is quite funny that the search term GDPR, Confused? Gets so many hits, but that is the main problem! Nobody really know what will happen come 25th May 2018. Well after hours, weeks and months talking to so called experts, reading the GDPR act and [...]

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Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

The Dangers of Public Wi-Fi is one of my hot topics of conversation at the many networking events in and around Glasgow that I attend. I have to say, I am becoming a bit paranoid about it, however, I make no apology for bringing it up. Why, you may well ask? Well, let’s cut right to the point. The main danger of public Wi-Fi is simple – your mobile phone is easy to hack! And, if you want to know just how easy it is to hack into your phone [...]

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Protecting your business from Cyber Attack

Protecting your business from cyber attack should be the first thing on the agenda of every board meeting. Why? Because if you do have a strategy of protecting your business from cyber attack then you are potentially putting your business at risk. You may have heard the quote; ‘There are only two types of business – ones that have had a cyber breach. And, those that don’t know they have had a cyber breach! However, I believe that is just a marketing slogan and cannot be quantified by fact. What [...]

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Your Local Cyber Security Experts

Your local cyber security experts, bold statement or true fact? In truth only our customers can answer that question, but if asked I am sure they will back us up. Unleashed, have two main areas of operations Glasgow and the central belt to Edinburgh and Manchester along the M62 corridor which covers Leeds and Liverpool. In addition to this we have local experts that we can call upon from Birmingham right up to Aberdeen. This means, we know the City's, we know customers and we know business. As your local [...]

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