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Going Nuclear with IT Consultancy

Having spent over 15 years working in the Cumbrian nuclear supply-chain and growing up on Britain’s Energy Coast, you’d think that I’d have learnt a little something about how certain topics of conversation can fill […]

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How to Reduce Data Storage Costs

The Problem

One inevitability in business is that data will grow, how fast and at what rate is unknown. One thing we do know, is that 80% of your new data growth will be unstructured. What exactly […]

By |September 30th, 2015|Security, Smarter Working, Technology|0 Comments

How to Create a Data Protection Policy

Data protection is high on everyone’s wish list – particularly when we are hearing of the sudden outbreak of data leakages recently.

One thing you have to bear in mind is that data security is not […]

The Modern Day Role of IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services is a relatively new term, but the concept has been around for decades now. We used to call it Outsourcing, but I suppose over the years this has been synonymous with sending […]

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Is Hiring an IT Consultancy the Right Move for Your IT Division?

An IT consultancy can be more helpful than you think. Are you a tech-savvy company whom requires all their staff to show some level of adeptness when it comes to IT? No? Perhaps you’re a […]

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The Curious Case of Cloud Backup

If you have read any of our previous posts, you will know that Unleashed are passionate about backup and business continuity. So, when we hear about something new or innovative that can help you protect […]

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What Exactly is The Cloud?

How often have you heard the word “cloud” today? It is definitely the “in-word” for IT companies at the moment. But do you really understand what “cloud” means? Let me try to explain it in […]

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Can IT Managed Services Reduce Your Operational Costs?

Businesses have been using IT Managed Services for many years, we used to call it outsourced IT and moving everything to countries like India was very popular, until you tried to contact them! So the […]

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Do consultants borrow your watch to tell you the time?

Age, experience, hindsight – they are all a funny thing. Back in my youth, I’d have laughed quite hard at businesses that would bring in consultants to tell them facts they already know or even facts that should be blatantly obvious. As I’ve become older, more experienced, perhaps a bit jaded to the insanity I see in the world (well, business) – and certainly greyer and wiser, I have begun to see where consulting is of use to all size businesses… […]

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10 Reasons Refurbished and Reconditioned Computers are a False Economy

Those who know me, know that even at my grand old age I’ve been sporting some teenage mouth gear lately.  As such I’ve been having frequent visits to the Orthodontist.  What does this have to do with IT, you ask?  Everything.

On my first visit to my orthodontist practice, I needed some x-rays, which I didn’t know these machines nowadays hook straight up to a PC and into the practice management system.  Of course, I went for mine and was called back later after the aged Windows XP machine had been tinkered with by the new owners of the practice and caused some problems.  Although the previous owner of the practice, who just happened to be my orthodontist had few problems with his IT until the new owners started wanting access to his systems to carry out a dreaded integration project!… […]

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