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10 Reasons Refurbished and Reconditioned Computers are a False Economy

Those who know me, know that even at my grand old age I’ve been sporting some teenage mouth gear lately.  As such I’ve been having frequent visits to the Orthodontist.  What does this have to do with IT, you ask?  Everything.

On my first visit to my orthodontist practice, I needed some x-rays, which I didn’t know these machines nowadays hook straight up to a PC and into the practice management system.  Of course, I went for mine and was called back later after the aged Windows XP machine had been tinkered with by the new owners of the practice and caused some problems.  Although the previous owner of the practice, who just happened to be my orthodontist had few problems with his IT until the new owners started wanting access to his systems to carry out a dreaded integration project!… […]

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What does Cisco Meraki not have in common with a M&S Self-Checkout

A Non-Apology
Dear Marks and Spencer Manchester. It was me, and I’m far from sorry. I took my basket of Dine in for 10 goodies, selected from your specific chilled shelves to your self-check-out. Your staff […]

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Are you making the most of your data?

If you have read any of our previous blogs then you will know that at Unleashed, we are passionate about how you manage data. Now, I would like to take that one step further and ask you a few questions to make you think about how you manage and store date.
Are you making your data work for you? […]

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The perils of tape backup

Being of a certain age, I have had a relationship with tape most of my life. It started when I was 15, I asked my dad my for a tape recorder for Christmas, I suppose it was my own fault, i should have been more specific! What I really wanted was a tape cassette recorder that I could play music on. What I got was a second hand (that was nearly the same age as me) reel to reel tape recorder that was the size of a modern day cooker hob! You couldn’t buy ready-made music tapes for it, so I have to place the microphone next to the radio and record off that. It was horrible! […]

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New Hyperconverged all in one device for SME’s

Excited…..?   We are!
At Unleashed Towers we are feeling very excited, no the weather hasn’t changed to glorious sunshine, at least not in Glasgow or Manchester! It may be nice in the micro-climate that is London – but as we don’t live there we don’t care!

What has got us buzzing is a new product that we believe will get IT Managers and Directors really excited. What is this product I hear you ask? It is called hyperserV and it the first all in one hyperconverged device designed specifically for the SME marketplace that combines the computing power of 10 servers with either 8Tb or 16Tb of data storage built in. Are you excited yet? There is more, this device will allow you to run up to 50 normal virtual machines. It has Flash storage for superb performance and 256Mb of RAM on each of its dual processors. HyperserV, powered by DataCore gives you all the normal things you would expect: Sync Mirroring, Snapshots, Caching, Auto-Tiering, Random Write Accelerator, QoS and Thin Provisioning. On the virtualisation front, it works with Vmware and Hyper-V with no additional licence costs… […]

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Directors you’re crushing your IT Managers

” I have crushing responsibility but inadequate resources and no authority to implement change.” – Trevor Pott
I’ve been dwelling on quite a number of things I’ve read of late.  As many of you may have read, I’m like the Stig of the IT Management world, the tame IT Manager.  It may be that MBA I did, or the fact that in my younger years, I spent more time in the pub than the programming lab at Uni.

However despite the business head, I’m probably more of a techy than not, and find it hard not to empathise when speaking to our customers.  You see there’s a bit of a common theme going on in the world of business at the moment and a lot of it involves Directors crushing their IT Manager’s spirit…

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