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The Problem

Virtualisation is the answer for your business to get every bit of value out of the resources it purchases. It allows easy future upgrades and enable disaster recovery.

Virtualisation is the separation of the hardware from the underlying software. Meaning that the hardware can be used more effectively and upgraded easily.

Server, desktop or storage virtual environments allows a business to extract as much value and performance out of their IT investment. To future proof, you can allow seamless moves to the next generation of hardware.

82% of organisations embark on virtualisation to reduce the number of servers they have
63% of organisations use virtualisation to reduce their power and space requirements
53% of organisations implement virtualisation to improve manageability
51% of organisations have implemented virtualisation for business continuity reasons

Virtualisation allows the most efficient use of your hardware investment whilst allowing quick and easy disaster recovery options.

What is virtualisation?

In many cases virtualisation is another layer of software that pretends to be hardware so that you can then install software on the top of that. Confused? Well it actually makes a lot of sense. Since your computer or server probably has more CPU and memory capacity than what a single Operating system can actually use. So, effectively it allows multiple Operating Systems to run on one physical hardware appliance.

The benefits are quite impressive – you can save on the amount of hardware you have to buy as you can do more with less. You can reduce energy requirements and when disaster strikes you can restore your backups to completely different hardware. Or, to the cloud.

Why virtualise?

If the disaster recovery and cost saving isn’t enough, then flexibility is the key. You can try changes to your computing environment without impacting people currently working on the systems.  You can shift resources such as computing from being on your desktops to your servers. Meaning that you can extend the life of your desktop fleet and increase security.

Don’t be daunted

Unleash help Executives and IT Professionals alike create a new virtual environment. Whether they are just starting with server virtualisation, dealing with a mobile workforce with virtual desktop infrastructure or looking at new storage options. We have a wealth of experience to assist and a variety of different solutions to suit your requirements.

If you’re interested in finding out what virtualisation could do for your organisation.