The Problem

There is a constant battle between the way your organisation wants to do things and the way in which your software lets you.

Developing strategies and architectures of what software your organisation has is vital in planning the future state and improvements to efficiency.

20% of Business Process Management (BPM) implementations fail due to lack of planning
14.6% is the growth rate per year of the Business Process Management industry
99% of Chief Information Officers with a mandate to transform their business are considering BPM
100% of successful projects provide a ROI of over 10%

Unleashed are experts in Business Process solutions providing both consultancy and software to more effectively manage any part of your organisation.

What are Business Process Solutions?

Business Process Solutions are the strategies, planning and software behind how business process is developed and implemented within an organisation. To provide effective management for your business workflows, we design and develop targeted solutions specifically for your business processes and system environment.

Our Business Solutions give your organisation new opportunities for efficient business structure and practices. They support everything from relationships with your suppliers, customers and stakeholders, enabling you to manage business data and processes.

The big picture

Organisations are merely collections of the processes of which they embody, where things aren’t done effectively or efficiently, the inevitable outcome is frustrations for your customers and stakeholders – and possibly a loss of business.  We all know of the ‘computer says no’ scenario, organisational leadership must ensure that this doesn’t happen in their organisation.

Be innovative and agile

Change is inevitable and ensuring that your solutions can be flexible to respond to the changing competitive landscape is imperative. Unleashed offer a wide range of services and products to support your organisation maintain its agility and develop sustained competitive advantage.

Using both software and consultancy methods such as Agile4BPM we can guide your organisation through the change from static to agile business.


Don’t leave it too late. To find out what unleashed can help you achieve with Business Process Solutions, please get in touch.