It is predicted that 2017 will be the year of cyber-crime. Attacks will increase and one thing is for sure, your network will be attacked at some point. So how can you help protect your business?

The cost of cyber-crime

Cyber-crime is rising at such an alarming rate you can no longer afford to ignore it or take it for granted. Forbes, a leading technology source estimated that in 2014 the cost of cyber-crime was $100 billion. In 2015 Lloyds estimated the cost was around $400 billion. By 2019 they estimate the cost to be around $2.1 Trillion! This is a  truly staggering figure. I  do apologise for the figures being in Dollars and not Pounds. But I am sure you get the point.

I think it is fair to say, that if a cyber-criminal wants into your business then it is very difficult to stop them.  However, it is management’s responsibility to make it as hard as possible for them. The aim,  is to make the cyber criminal give up and move onto someone else. Unleashed, can help you to make it more difficult and more importantly, help you to identify when it happens and block any immediate threats.

How to protect yourself

One of the main problems for SME/Mid-Corporate businesses is most don’t have the internal skills to protect your network, or identify if you have been breached.  This makes it difficult for your IT team to take the steps to rectify any damage. That is where Unleashed can help you. Our partnership with WatchGuard, means you have one (or two with failover) hardware appliance/s, with a full suite of cyber security products. This software is designed to protect you against any cyber-attack. In addition, for the first time, Small to medium sized business can have security event management and logging. This has only previously been available to enterprise grade customers, due to cost of the solution.

We call this Threat Detection and Response.  As attacks get more sophisticated and complex, typical cyber security simply is not good enough. You now need to be looking at a more comprehensive cyber security solution and this is just what Unleashed are offering. We would estimate that of the many businesses compromised each day, most do not know they have been a victim. By the time they do, it is normally be too late and the cyber criminals are into their network.

Our new service adds detection across every network device. This then allows you to understand all network activity.   WatchGuard have developed a cloud based service called ‘ThreatSync. This service allows you the ability to set a score against each threat. Which, improves security awareness and the response time across your whole network and each endpoint.

Understanding the threats

‘ThreatSync’ will collect event data from your network using the security services on the physical hardware device. These services which include Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Reputation Enabled Defence (RED), Gateway Anti-Virus and WebBlocker are then correlated with any threat activity.  ‘ThreatSync’ then analyses this data and provides a comprehensive threat score. This will allow you to rank the severity of each attack. All threat data will then be sent back to a host based sensor which will then initiate an appropriate response.

At Unleashed, we believe in making it easy. This whole package is available with a Firebox and 1 years Total Security protection starting at about £1,000.00 EEX-VAT and install), depending on the size of your business. Which we think is a very small price for total piece of mind.

For more information, get in touch today for a confidential chat about your security requirements. or call on 0333 240 0565.