The Problem

Running a successful organisation requires tools that can give management a full insight into all activities and processes taking place. Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management software allow single solutions to manage an organisation.

Getting a simple, well planned and architected approach to your organisations information architecture is essential, choosing the tools to do so, is extremely important.

33% of organisations perceive customisation of ERP/CRM’s as a barrier
53% of organisations that have implemented CRM believe they provide better customer service
59% of firms implementing ERP/CRM systems believe they have less duplication and time wasting
45% of those implementing a ERP/CRM believe they have improved communications between teams

Manage business process more effectively, improve efficiency and delight customers.

What are ERP’s and CRM’s?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manages business process that allows a singularly integrated application to manage the back office of a company and automate many tasks. Essentially providing functions such as accounting, payroll, scheduling, planning and some elements of sales and marketing.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is now being referred to as xRM as they evolve to manage many different stakeholder relations processes. Much like ERP’s they manage the business processes and in most cases they integrate with each other to ensure the data is managed effectively from quote to accounts received and from purchase to payment.

ERP and CRM solutions can be integrated with your phone system. When a customer calls you, a record or file can open automatically on answering the phone call, this is called screen popping. This simple function can your staff save time and give your customers a better and more efficient service.

Why move?

Having a single solution that runs all of your business gives better reporting and management information, allowing quicker and more accurate decision making. If you’re having to get data from your payroll, combine that with accounts and sales systems manually, then the chances are you’d benefit from a properly planned and implemented ERP. If your customers are becoming frustrated about calling about the same thing over and over again and you have no record of the contact, the same can be said about CRM.

Be focussed

Typically ERP and CRM implementation projects are large and risky, the benefits can be great but it all comes down to the planning. There is always a trade-off between changing the software to fit what you do – after all it’s what makes your organisation special – and leaving it to embody what the developers would consider to be best practice for any given process.  Unleashed help organisations through this planning, reducing the expense and delivering a successful project.


If you’re interested in talking about ERP’s and CRM’s and seeing what we could do for your organisation, please get in touch.