The Problem

Organisations spend too much time focussing on looking after IT equipment and training people to do so, rather than focussing on what the IT should be doing to support the organisation.

Structuring your organisation into delivering its core activities rather than developing resource to support administrative functions is a key trait of successful businesses.

86% of businesses turned to managed services for more proactive services and improved service levels
57% of businesses use managed IT services to reduce downtime
36% of organisations use managed services due to the lack of experienced internal resources
58% of organisations use managed services to make costs more predictable.

We don’t do IT support, we support IT – Unleashed work with organisational executives and IT management to develop strategies before we supply services

What are Managed Services and IT Support?

Managed Services are where an organisation choses to outsource day-to-day responsibilities of functions as a means to improve operations and reduce cost.

There are a variety of options and scopes for this type of service but the aim is to have a predictable monthly cost for the function that is managed.

IT Support can be part of a managed services agreement, however is usually smaller in scope and simply providing support for where your organisation chooses not to develop competence and capabilities in certain specialised technical skills.

Why outsource?

Just as your core competence is key to what your organisation does, an outsourcer specialises in technology and the associated administration of it. Because this is their core business, they can develop more specialist staff and are therefore more likely to have a better capability than you could develop internally. With spreading expensive resource amongst multiple clients, you should benefit from dedicated experts that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to develop internally or afford otherwise.

Be smart

Unleashed don’t advocate for a moment that larger businesses should eliminate their IT Managers or Directors, we believe that the management of managed services contracts should be taken care of internally. Internal expertise of the company and managing the interface between in-house requests and requirements, is a very important role.

For smaller businesses Unleashed work with the company in identifying staff members who are currently the go-to guys and gals for tech advice and developing them into the organisation’s future IT Manager as the business grows.


If you’re interested in talking about Managed Services and IT Support and seeing what we could do for your organisation, please get in touch.