The Problem

In an information economy, security means the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data whether threats are internal, external or even environmental – every organisation should consider what risks they are vulnerable to.

Identification of Information Security risks to your organisation is the first step in their mitigation and elimination. No organisation can be 100% immune, but those that take proactive measures are statically less likely to suffer an information security event.

27% of organisations suffered infection by viruses or malware
47% of organisation suffered information security incidences involving staff
16% of organisations suffered information security breaches involving outsiders
5% of organisations suffered theft or fraud involving computers

Information Security development in your organisation should begin with a ground up Risk Assessment based on the information assets you have.

What is Information Security?

Information Security, sometimes referred to as InfoSec, is the practise of defending information from various threats – the term can be applied to either psychical or electronic data. The main principles are confidentiality, integrity an availability. Essentially, are you keeping the data confidential, safe from unauthorised modification and is it available to use when you need it.

There are a number of management systems for creating robust practices around Information Security, the most prevalent being, ISO 27001 in Information Security Management. Most of these systems require a top-level risk assessment to be performed and processes and controls built from that starting point.

Why do anything?

Data losses and the subsequent legal cases have highlighted the need to take a serious look at what your organisation does to protect its intellectual property and the data of your clients.  You don’t just need to protect against the illusive hackers, but also threats from within and around your organisation.

Architect your systems with security in mind

Unleashed implement ISO 27001 and other systems, from the perspective of the technology, attempting to de-risk architecture we build and work back to the management systems.

This is an alternative approach from simply documenting systems and making necessary ad-hoc tweaks.  We believe that the technical solution should be simple and streamlined so that it is robust.


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