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Technology Consultancy

Technology Consultancy underpins everything that we do from selling to installing a solution. We need to both listen and ask appropriate questions.

From our Unleashing Process that we use to solving your business problems. To maintaining relationships with our customers and other more formal consultancy projects. We are here to help.

We offer straightforward no obligation Technology Consultancy that is tailored to your requirements and budget.

It is often said that the definition of a consultant is someone who will borrow your watch in order to tell you the time. However, at Unleashed we like to think we don’t fall into any particular stereotype.

When it comes to IT, you have to start with a plan. This plan has to have the business goals as its end game. Once you know what you want to achieve, we can start to build a solution. If you have read our Business Problems Solved section, you will see we offer a full range of services. However, if you are looking to implement a new IT solution, you have to incorporate each service. No longer can you treat each IT service independently. If you think logically, Data Storage effects Business Continuity which in turn determines your Disaster Recovery solution. To run all your services, you need a good network and excellent Internet connectivity.

As part of our Technology Consultancy we offer the following list of services:

  • IT Governance
  • ISO 27001 for Information Security Management
  • ISO 20001 for Information Technology Service Management
  • Legislative and Data Protection Concerns
  • Board involvement in Information Technology

Beyond this we are also able to offer in conjunction with our sister company Alatheia Ltd consultancy on issues such as:

  • Business Process Engineering
  • ISO 9001 for Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental Management
  • ISO 18001 for Health and Safety Management

We can also discuss how there is a wider impact on Technology Strategy and Technology Solutions on the back of any management system such as the above.


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