The Problem

Your organisation has been spending years recording everything electronically, you’ve lost the ability to know for sure what is relevant and irrelevant data. Your solution is to just keep increasing your data storage systems and the expense just keeps growing.

Storage like many other areas of your organisation needs a strategy and a fundamental understanding of how to make sure the technology can support your requirements.

61% of organisations are using high-speed SSD’s for general database storage
68% of organisations have data replication in production use
31% of organisations say they keep enterprise / data warehouse data indefinitely
13.5% is the proportion of IT budgets being spent on storage, which is increasing annually

Developing organisational strategies to manage your information is a key starting point when considering data storage, prior to looking at technology solutions.

What is Storage?

Storage is the memory in your IT systems, in general we’re talking about long term storage that your organisation uses to retain its data. From the hard drives in your PC’s and servers, to the USB sticks and backup tapes that you have, all of these are storing data that is important to your organisation.

As the size and history of electronic data that organisations produce becomes larger, strategies have to be made to ensure that long term availability of information is addressed as well as the expense is kept under control. Strategies need to be developed that are appropriate to your organisation and addressed by the technology –after all you may not need to keep 15 year old data on your brand new, state of the art flash memory.

Why develop a Storage Strategy?

Thinking about storage from a strategic, economic fashion allows an organisation to most cost-effectively deal with its long term storage and retrieval needs. Looking at what the business requires is key, ensuring current data such as database and financial information is placed on high speed storage, whilst old documents and the like are placed on cheaper and slower storage is part of the planning process.

Whilst an organisation must be mindful to its strategy it must also consider matters of records retention and future obsolescence, there are undoubtedly many organisations storing data from applications that no longer exist and gaining access to that data may prove difficult in the future.

What can be done?

Technology does offer a solution, new ways of thinking about storage and information retrieval are re-thinking how we go about storing data and ensuring that it is continually available to future applications.  However it is important that by working with a company such as Unleashed that an organisation strategy is developed in order to best expend time and resource into developing a solution that is appropriate for your organisation.


If you’re interested in talking about how developing a storage strategy could benefit your organisation, please get in touch.