A little bit of information about Unleashed IT.

Unleashed has offices in Glasgow and Manchester. From these Glasgow, we cover Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen. Our office in Manchester allows us to provide a local presence in Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cumbria and down as far as Birmingham.

We are a boutique IT consultancy specialising in Cyber Security. Unleashed has spent years protecting businesses like yours against cyber attacks – in fact, we have been doing it so long, we used to call it information security.

Although our specialism is Cyber, to fully understand how to protect you against cybercrime, we have to have a full understanding of IT networks. After all, if you don’t understand them, how can you protect them? For this reason, we can also consult and provide a full spectrum of secure IT solutions.

We like to think we’re a bit different to the average IT company.  We focus on delivering joined-up solutions to real-world business problems. We believe that IT should be joined up or linked together to create a total IT solution.  When you have a total solution you can deliver business benefits. Now, that could be business continuity, disaster recovery, data storage or any number of components. You will only be able to deliver a total solution over a period of time. It could also be painful to get there. There could be some downtime, although we tend to ensure this is at a weekend. There could be some user training, in fact, we wholeheartedly encourage user training. In the long run, it can save you a lot of calls! Whatever the pain, Unleashed are there with you to share it and take the burden off you. We will assist you in designing the solutions and planning the implementation. We can provide expert engineers to carry out the work and ongoing support when you need it. We even do user training.

We pride ourselves on being at the top of our game, we constantly work with new suppliers in the IT industry to bring technologies that were previously only in the reach of the ‘big boys’ into the hands of small and medium businesses.

Unleashed IT also work with all the other major vendors, on an ad-hoc or regular basis – we like to remain flexible so that we can always offer the best solution to our customers and remain as brand neutral as possible.  We work with suppliers such as Dell, HP, IBM, VMware, Microsoft, Veeam, Acronis, SonicWALL and many more.


You have come to Unleashed because you have an IT problem that you can’t solve yourself. We are here to help, You now have a few options, fill in the contact form or if you have a few minutes, give us a call – we won’t bite! 0333 240 0565. If you prefer email, we are fine with that as well and we will call you back asap.


About our Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the first-choice supplier of technology solutions to small and medium businesses through a reputation of engagement and bringing big business solutions into the reach of our clients.

One of the questions we are constantly asked is “what is our target market?” Our reply is always the same. We don’t mind who we work with, as long as they are looking to improve on what they are currently doing.  Unleashed always provide at least two solutions, with different price points, for every problem.

About our Guiding Principles

  • Treat each and every customer equally, large or small we aim to treat your business like an extension of our own
  • Never recommend a solution that we don’t believe in or will find difficult to support in the near future, even if it prevents us from doing business
  • When dealing with any new client use the Unleashing Process to give the customer a clear idea of our strategy of dealing with their enquiry
  • Take our socio-economic obligations seriously and reinvest in the areas in which we operate through employment and supply where appropriate
  • Always seek out an opportunity for partnerships and new ideas for working with clients, suppliers and the community
  • Maintain a regular dialogue with customers to ensure that their business has not changed and our solution remains the best for their business
  • Forward think, talk to clients about what their visions are and discuss upcoming opportunities that our products and services could give them a competitive advantage in their goals
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