of survey respondents credited curious people with bringing new ideas into teams and organisations
of survey respondents reported feeling curious in their jobs on a regular basis
of survey respondents reported barriers to asking more questions at work

Helping all those that remain curious, ask questions and solve problems…

If you have arrived on our curiosity page, then you must be curious about how you can implement change in your business.  Adapting to a constantly changing business and competitive environment is what all great businesses and all great people inside them do.   It is the curious people who drive this.

The only constant in the world is change.  With the irony not lost on curious people, that most businesses cling on to systems, processes and ways of working from the past.

It is 2021, we’ve seen tremendous change over the last year as many successful companies have adopted working from home methodologies and attempted to adopt new processes to support this.  Whilst the technologies used have existed for many years, necessity has catapulted their awareness and widespread use.

We help those that remain curious in their organisations and raise the awareness of other technologies that are available, in there here and now, that can improve your ways of working.

Further change is coming, working from home, flexibly or in a hybrid fashion is likely to remain.  Adapting to this and ensuring you can flex your ways of working and business processes, so they work equally as well for someone working from home, the office at flexible times of the day.  Will be the deciding factor in which businesses fail, survive, or thrive.  It will be curious people who drive this forward.

Just like the easy-to-use smartphone you run your personal life on, business technology has moved on.  Getting technology that is easy to use, that can be modified without expensive developers and consultants is here.  You can make your own changes to your own software, with little training.  You just have to be curious.

With no-code, low-code software solutions it is now possible to design a digital form with a drag and drop editor, add a workflow process, determine who is going to authorise, and hey presto, publish and start work.  Sounds easy, well it is really!   You can start with any form you currently have on paper, or in applications like Word and Excel and turn it into a single unified system or ‘Digital Workplace’ where it’s all available over the web, any time, any place.

We know you may not be technical, but to make this all a bit easier, Unleashed are offering free initial meetings with our Digital Transformation consultants to help you understand why curiosity is all you need to change your business…

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