About Chris Rogan

Chris is our lead Digital Transformation and Cyber Security Consultant, he is a trusted advisor to many high growth businesses. He has a wealth of industry experience being particularly close to the construction, manufacturing, and nuclear industries. He is also a lead auditor in a number of ISO Standards including 27001. Chris holds the CISSP certification in cyber/information security, an Executive MBA from Manchester Business School, MSc in Technology and Innovation Policy and a BSc in Computer Science. He produced some of the UK’s first research into Shared Services of large business and has a keen interest in bringing big business technology into the reach of mid-market companies. He has worked in various technical and business management roles, as a company director and non-executive director. He has a dislike for bureaucracy and inefficient processes (and people!). Much of the technologies he implements are designed to improve processes, responsiveness to customers and management information. The views and comments in this blog however are his own and do not always reflect those of Unleashed, its suppliers, customers or affiliates.
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