The Problem

Unleashed has been providing IT Support for Manchester for over ten years. We like to think we know there’s more to the area than Oasis, the Arndale and Barm Cakes!  With the great things going on such as MediaCity, AirportCity and the general up-turn in Manchester business, you’ll need a support partner who ‘gets you’ and ‘gets it’.  That’s us we provide IT support for Manchester, the surrounding areas and the North East from our Manchester HQ.

Manchester is the sleepless worker bee of the Northern Powerhouse.

86% of businesses turned to managed services for more proactive services and improved service levels
57% of businesses use managed IT services to reduce downtime
36% of organisations use managed services due to the lack of experienced internal resources
58% of organisations use managed services to make costs more predictable.
IT Support for Manchester

From our Manchester HQ, we provide IT support for Manchester

What’s different about IT Support from Unleashed?

IT Support for Manchester and the surrounding areas, with the right people for the right job.  We are IT professionals and even if we do say so – we know our stuff!.  As a business we’ve only ever provided IT services, we don’t provide apprenticeships, accountancy services or photocopiers.  Although we know plenty of great partners that do and we are only too happy to facilitate an introduction.

Our prime focus is IT, we are a professional IT business and we’ve grown from our local roots providing services to a broad range of businesses across the North West.

What do you know?

We’ve provided IT Support for businesses in Manchester for over ten years.  Working in and around the M60 and right down the M62 corridor, we’re ideally situated to support most Mancunian and Greater Manchester businesses.  We’re truly providing IT Support to the Northern Powerhouse!

We’ve worked with a range of diverse clients across the Greater Manchester region working in sectors such as accountancy, legal, media, digital, retail and manufacturing.  We work with and are extremely knowledgeable about the current key concerns in IT such as information security.

Our expertise and experience as a business also reach into the leisure and tourism industry providing IT Support and project services for hospitality from things such as phone systems, to interactive TVs and WiFi systems.

Who you know

We don’t know Noel or Liam.  We do know where Sifters record shop is though.  Chances are if there’s a business in the Greater Manchester area we’re connected to people you know.  Arkid is also an Unleashed customer too.

If you’ve reached this page, you’re probably looking for better and more professional IT support, we believe being open, honest and allowing our staff to have a sense of humour.  If you’re good at what you do, you can relax whilst you do it and that’s how we want you to feel about your IT.

Just because Manchester is a large metropolitan area, with traffic jams and many companies offering similar services, doesn’t mean you have to accept poor IT Support.  Why not give us a call and see where the conversation goes?

If you’re interested in talking about Managed Services and IT Support in Greater Manchester and finding out what Unleashed can do for your business or organisation, just get in touch!