What exactly is an IT consultant, anyway? The job title alone almost sounds like someone made it up to make themselves sound important; after all, if you run a business, you surely have the know-how to use a computer right? Following this line of logic, it’s easy to assume (as we’ve previously pondered) an IT consultant will simply tell you things you already know while still taking your money. So, why bother? Can you really trust someone with the job title of IT consultant?

If you’ve recently set up a business, or are in the process of getting one off the ground, it’s important to learn just how valuable an IT consultant can actually be. More than the common misconception of glorified tech support, an IT consultant will provide that and many other vital services besides.

A Vital Addition to Your Business

First and foremost, an IT consultant will advise you on which IT systems to integrate into your business. This is key for your business’s efficiency; it highlights exactly what you’ll be using, alleviating any possible confusion. Your IT consultant will be able to guide you through each system, its purpose and what it will contribute to your business strategy.

An IT consultant will support your business plan (assuming you have one!) and help you develop it, greatly increasing your chances of return on investment.¬†Just always remember that IT consultancy is a two way system; the consultant will be relying on you to keep in regular contact with them, to discuss any potential changes to your business or IT strategies. In many ways, the consultant is a part of your business plan, and a crucial one at that; you could almost say they’re the beating heart of your tech division!

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But what will it cost me?

If you’re worried an IT consultant will charge more than what they’re actually offering, then fear not. Trusted IT consultants will run on a fixed price model that will scale based on how much work you require over a specific period of time. The consultant should be able to clearly outline their pricing model with no hidden fees or trapdoor tactics. Any additional services, however, such as network stability and design or the implementation of specific features, will likely cost you extra. In this case, you should have a conversation with your IT consultant about whether any additional services are indeed required, and what exactly they will cost.

If you’re looking for an IT consultancy that won’t take you for a ride, get in touch with us here at Unleashed. We’re friendly, approachable and qualified to help you run your business efficiently.