I have had a few discussions with IT Managers lately and one thing is coming across loud and clear, they are all very busy. Who would want to be an IT Manager in the current climate, they are under resourced, over worked and have to work miracles with little or no budget. Eventually something will go!

headless chicken

Do you feel like this?

One of the main reasons for this, is their IT infrastructure is too complicated, what do I mean by this? Well if you have lots of different products (this could be software or hardware) making up your IT environment then management is going to become a problem and that is what we are seeing. Throw in lots of IT users and you have a good case for burn out or you end up running around like the proverbial headless chicken and nothing gets done.

What is the answer? This can be a difficult question but one way or another you have to simplify your IT infrastructure. Or bring in some short term help.

Unleashed can help you. To simplify, you have to have a long term strategy and put in place a solution that meets your needs and budget and try to keep the number of components down. One of the latest strategies of IT managers is to look at Software Defined Networks – keep everything on one box with one management tool. You also save on space and power consumption – win win for everyone.

The other sensible option is to bring in outside contractors to help with certain projects – we can help with either strategy. Have a look at our website on www.weareunleashed.com to get a few ideas or if you fancy a good old fashioned chat, we can do that as well you can get us on 0333 240 0565.