As a growing business, you are now more reliant upon IT than at any time before. IT systems change and choice is overwhelming but one thing doesn’t change and that is to survive you have to continue to do business and continue to make a profit.

IT is an enabler to help you achieve your goals. But are you making the most of the systems you are paying for and could you be doing better or getting services at a more cost effective price? These are two of the considerations you should look at when choosing your next IT Support Partner.

Of course, IT being what it is, makes things slightly more complicated than that. At times, you will have problems. Some of these will be minor, some can cause major problems and even effect your business and your ability to do business.

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Some of the problems you may experience and the severity to your business:

  • Service disruptions or hardware failures – Serious/Critical
  • Security attacks such as Virus’s/Spyware – can be anything from inconvenient to serious
  • Data loss/corruption – Could be critical if a total loss has occurred
  • Email outages/users unable to access files – Inconvenient mostly
  • Outages such as connectivity – Inconvenient/Serious depending on timescales

When problems occur you need someone to act quickly and efficiently, but the best form of protection is to ensure you have a plan in place in case of problems.

For a limited period, Unleashed are offering our potential customers a one off free consultancy – we call it the Unleashing Process. If you fancy a visit from a technology consultant to look at what you are currently doing and how you could make improvements, or just to confirm you are doing things well! Then give us a call.