Is process efficiency on your New Year’s wish list? If it isn’t or you hadn’t thought about it then maybe now is the time to start thinking about how you can save money by adding efficiency to every part of your business.

Things have been tough over the last two years with Covid and rising prices, but if lockdown has taught us anything, it is we can adapt and become more flexible. Before Covid, a lot of businesses were reluctant to allow workers to work from home. Now due to the enforced lockdown, it has become the new normal. With this in mind, why don’t you go a step further and look at improving the way your business processes information?

Why is process efficiency worth the effort?

To make money you have to spend money. If you make more than you spend, you make a profit. Simple, then why do so many businesses fail? They fail because their overheads exceed their income and the one sure way to ensure you reverse this is to automate every manual time-consuming cost.

If you automate your processes you reduce the time taken to carry out the task, therefore you reduce the cost of the process. If you apply this to many manual tasks then you can save up to an estimated 40% on process overheads.

How do these savings mount up?

We measure these costs in four steps.

  1. Increase productivity – Automation is faster than manual therefore you can process more things, this increases productivity
  2. Minimis errors – By removing repetitive tasks you remove errors.
  3. Reduce Operational costs – Right first time is cheaper and more productive.
  4. Increase business agility – By making changes quickly and efficiently you increase the ability to react to any event.

You can achieve process efficiency by making small changes often. And, that is what Unleashed would recommend. Small changes for big impact and this makes the process easy for your workforce to understand. If they understand your philosophy and buy into it, you have a winning formula.

Why Unleashed?

We have a saying at – keep it simple. If you don’t overcomplicate things, your staff will come on board and embrace change, complicate things and they will resist and that costs you time and money.

We work with you too, first of all, help you to identify where change can occur and you can get a ‘quick win’. Then we help you to implement that change and we go from there.

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