How many times have you heard IT people saying “I hate backup” or “all data backup products are rubbish?” It is probably more common than you think. Backup is something the goes on in the background and everybody hopes they never have to restore from it. Small businesses are the worst; they take backup for granted, saving all important data to portable hard disks or USB sticks. It’s crazy, data as we have pointed out in many of our posts is your business. Without it, you don’t have a business – so why do so many companies take it for granted?

Well, there’s a very simple answer: data backup used to be a right pain! You would put a tape in the drive and cross your fingers or pray to the lord that it worked. If it didn’t, or the tape ejected or got chewed up, then it was a case of “oh well, we always have tomorrow!” Even today, I am constantly bemused by backup stories and how people have total apathy towards it.

So, how has it changed, and will it make it easier to ensure your data backup gets done? More importantly, should you suffer a failure can you ensure you can recover your data and keep working? The answer is yes, to both questions.

The Datto Solution to Data Backup

Unleashed would like to introduce you to Datto. Datto has a small business on-site and cloud backup solution but for now I want to concentrate on the mid-market offering called Siris. The reason Unleashed like Siris is simple – it is cost effective, easy to use and it just works.

So what makes Siris special – well in the first instance it is an on-site appliance that backs up your Virtual server files (.Vmdk and .Vhd) and all of your normal file data. So in the event of a server failure you can spin up a failover server on the Datto Siris device, which has all your data replicated from your data store and keep working. In the event of a site disaster, you can spin up the server and all of your data in the Datto Cloud (UK based) and keep working. Fantastic for your business, meaning little or no downtime.

data backup security

Datto also provide agents for remote users – this means all your remote data is saved and synchronised back to the Siris or cloud server. This makes data backup incredibly simple, and prevents a loss of data if you lose or damage your laptop. If all of this does not make you want to know more, I have saved the best to last. With ownCloud – you have your very own corporate dropbox. Your users can access ownCloud from any location on any registered device, meaning total flexibility and enabling your users to have a work life balance.

Some of the benefits of datto:

  • Dramatically reduce downtime
  • Backup only what changes
  • Understand your data
  • Your data is recovery ready
  • Seamlessly share and protect files
  • Built in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

To learn more, get in touch and we can arrange your personal Datto demonstration.