Change Management

Change management is the term every company dreads. However, every business aspires to be more efficient and wants its employees to more productive and work smarter, not harder. To help them get there, things have to change. One simple and easy change is to adopt Microsoft teams in Microsoft 365.

What is change management and how can Unleashed help you?

Change management is a process that companies undertake when they are looking to improve the way they do business. Unleashed have been helping businesses for years now, but with the release of Microsoft Teams, things have become a lot easier and the transition smoother.

When it comes to change management is it all about the process and we are using the process developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft has a four-step process that Unleashed has done extensive training on and are ideally placed to help with your Teams implementation.

Discovery and Assessment

  • Unleashed will conduct a change management assessment
  • Analyse your business to determine your key objectives
  • Identify key project stakeholders

Strategy Design

  • Define project sponsors
  • Create a measurement strategy
  • Design plans for communication and training

Execution Support

  • Execute an awareness campaign
  • Build the adoption dashboard
  • Train the trainer for managers
  • Execute end-user training

Progress and Reports

  • Summerise results of pre/post learning surveys
  • Review success metrics and ongoing adoption strategy
  • Define regular health checks
  • conduct ongoing training
Change Management

Why would I need to consider change management?

Most businesses need outside consultancy to effect change. It is very difficult to see how change can benefit the business from within especially when you are busy trying to make the business successful.

Change is inevitable and your business will be changing regularly as you react to customer requirements or changes in legislation. What Unleashed offer is managing the change process to ensure that and change is measured and has a return on investment. It must meet the demands and goals of your business.

The purpose of change is to make your business more efficient and more profitable. By automating time-consuming processes you remove a degree of error. This means your customers/clients get a better experience and you make everyday tasks simpler and more enjoyable.

Customer success and Return on Investment (ROI) is the key to strong customer value and long contracts. By adopting change you can help your business in these ways:

  • Your business can respond faster to customer/client requests or demands

  • Help align existing resources to the demands of the business

  • With a managed process, the time needed to implement change can be drastically reduced

  • By increasing customer service, reducing errors you get happier more contented customers

  • Removing time-consuming processes can boost productivity and increase profitability

Empower your employees

There are very few businesses who do not have some form of competition. This means your employees are your most valuable asset. If you treat them right they will go the extra mile for the business, treat them wrong…well we don’t want to go there.

One major benefit of change is to make life easier for your employees. That is why when we start the change process we ensure that employees are engaged, after all, who better to help the process than the people carrying out the day to day tasks.

For more on Microsoft Teams, you can watch the video below.


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