Excited? We are!

At Unleashed Towers we are feeling very excited, no the weather hasn’t changed to glorious sunshine, at least not in Glasgow or Manchester! It may be nice in the micro-climate that is London – but as we don’t live there we don’t care!

What has got us buzzing is a new product that we believe will get IT Managers and Directors really excited. What is this product I hear you ask? It is called hyperserV and it the first all in one hyperconverged device designed specifically for the SME marketplace that combines the computing power of 10 servers with either 8Tb or 16Tb of data storage built in. Are you excited yet? There is more, this device will allow you to run up to 50 normal virtual machines. It has Flash storage for superb performance and 256Mb of RAM on each of its dual processors. HyperserV, powered by DataCore gives you all the normal things you would expect: Sync Mirroring, Snapshots, Caching, Auto-Tiering, Random Write Accelerator, QoS and Thin Provisioning. On the virtualisation front, it works with Vmware and Hyper-V with no additional licence costs…

expense complexitylow cost simplicity

That the techie bit over, you really know what the benefit to your business is. Let me tell you – reduce your datacentre footprint by 80-90% think of the cost saving in power and cooling alone! How does lower ongoing support costs and ease of management sound to you? But the main benefit as we see it is the ability to scale (at no additional cost, apart from Windows Server Licensing) as and when the business dictates not when you can get some money out of your FD! But imagine how popular you will be when you are not going cap in hand to your FD every time you need more server resource.

Another real benefit is the time it takes to deploy. If you deploy 4 servers and a SAN with 20 virtual machines you will be looking at approx. 5 days professional services from your IT partner. With hyperserV, you can be up and running in 2 days! So with all the other benefits thrown in, it really is time to look at hyperserV.

For more information, give us a call today on 0333 240 0565 and speak to a storage consultant or visit www.weareunleashed.com.