Dropping a short blog as it’s a Sunday just to point out the obvious that most techies have probably noticed with regards to Nokia and Microsoft looking to work together, ooooh, who didn’t expect that one after-all, the head of Nokia is a former Microsoft man!

Fake shock and awe aside, this is great news. The E-series of Nokia’s have been great business devices and I’d really like to see that build quality with the Microsoft Win 7 OS on it.

Just adds to the waiting period though! Hope there are some new device announcements from Nokia to follow rather rapidly based on this deal.

My other phone has always been a Nokia, so this is quite good that I may, one day, be able just to carry a single device around with me that I can use for a long time and have decent call quality on, as well as have all the cool smart phone jazz on it!

We’ll wait and see…