8MAN Access rights Management

Why have we Unleashed 8MAN?

8MAN access rights and management enable businesses like yours to control what users can see and access.

Active Directory has been a fantastic invention and companies with lots of users would struggle without it. However, when your user count starts to exceed 100 then managing active directory becomes a headache. How do you know if wee Jimmy in packing, can see all your account data? 8MAN access rights software allows you to manage who see’s what, where and when. It will be able to tell you who is in each group and which group has access to that folder. Let’s face it we all know that data management is not a strong point in most organisations. The more files and folders the harder it is to restrict access.

Introducing 8MAN Access Rights and Management

8MAN is made up of five modules

Permission Analysis

If you don’t know who has permission to what, where and when then it is very difficult to stop it. 8MAN allows you to analyse who has the authority to access any give resource and links these permissions to the active directory. It works on SharePoint, Exchange and data shares. This knowledge allows you to internally protect your business from a data breach.

Security Monitoring

When things go wrong, management want someone to blame! With 8MAN security monitoring, you can see at a glance who has authorised a change and when it was made.

User Provisioning

Role-specific templates mean you can set up new users in seconds. 8MAN even allows you to set up the mail account and then give access to network shares as dictated by the role the new user has. No longer do you need to give users full access to everything on the shared drive.

Documentation and Reporting

You will now have the ability to see and report on everything an individual user is working on or looking at.

Role and Process Optimisation

For too long, what a user has access to has been at the discretion of the IT manager. This invariably meant that they have access to everything. Now you can delegate this task to department managers and supervisors who know what a user should see and what they shouldn’t.

8MAN not only makes your business more secure. If something does happen then you can see who was responsible and take appropriate action.

If you would like to know more about how 8MAN access rights can help your business then please get in touch

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