Why have we Unleashed Dtex Systems?

Dtex Systems provides software to eliminate insider threats. This software has been designed to catch data breaches, which in turn will help to eliminate data theft from your business. New GDPR regulations state that if you have a data breach, you must report it within 72 hours. The problem, for every business, is actually identifying the breach in the first place. It takes an average of 469 days in the UK to find a data breach (169 days globally*) and by that time, the damage is done.

One thing Unleashed really likes about Dtex Systems is the price point. This makes it ideally priced for SMD/Mid Corporate companies to have these types of cybersecurity solutions.

*Figures released by FireEye

Advanced User Behaviour Intelligence

Dtex Systems provides user behavioral intelligence that supports organisations to overcome the threat of the insider breach. This can be negligence by the end user or malicious in intent.

Most organisations rely on traditional security such as Firewalls and Anti-Virus, that enables some form of data loss prevention (DLP). These solutions are designed to avoid an employee-generated data breach. However, this software focuses on locking and blocking the flow of files and intellectual property (We are not saying there is anything wrong with DLP. The more layers of security the better). However, they do not provide intelligence into the intent of the user. This means, there is a significant gap in the risk profile. Following an investigation, they often lack the data set to provide HR/IT with sufficient confidence to challenge an end user on their behavior. This is because the data set cannot differentiate between a negligent or malicious activity, therefore the business cannot act accordingly.

Dtex is an established Silicon Valley cybersecurity company with a focus on the endpoint. We would assert our position that any successful User & Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) project ultimately starts with the right data. Organisations that specialise in UEBA realise very quickly that no matter how good the math. Or, how good the UI of the chosen solution, trying to reverse engineer a user’s activities from disparate log data sources requires a significant services investment. This often results in detections of anomalies with insufficient context to take any real action. Hence, the right data set must be as close as possible to the individual user (i.e. the endpoint).

Dtex systems

Why choose Dtex Systems over other UEBA solutions?

  • The lightweight client that creates its own metadata based on a user’s activities. So, the ‘intent’ of a user’s actions can be understood and visualised, including if this intent is a ‘slow burn’ exfiltration. This metadata is created in a privacy compliant manner with user anonymisation and pseudonymisation
  • Cloud acceleration, where companies are looking to route traffic directly from the endpoint to the cloud service to reap performance benefits and cost savings. Endpoint UBI is key in this situation. Making sure the person connecting to your cloud service is the person that should be is fundamental, and one’s behavior is a valuable indicator.
  • Off-network visibility – Which is crucial as the malicious act usually occurs off network on the endpoint following an on-network activity (e.g. data download)
  • Analysis Cost Reduction – easy to follow forensic analysis which has no gaps and could be surfaced in an existing SIEM tool (e.g. Splunk, ArcSight, Logarithm, Exabeam etc). Typically, Dtex would create 2.5 alerts per 1000 employees per day.
  • On-prem or cloud – an out of the box deployment which delivers quick value and capable of massive scale.

Dtex is prevalent in financial services, utility, high tech engineering, entertainment and all forms of regulated industry. In the last twelve months, they have experienced significant growth as CIO’s have placed insider threat at the top of their list of critical initiatives due to the risk of reputational damage, litigious activity or legislation.

Watch below to find out how Williams F1 team utilise DTEX to protect their Intellectual Property.

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Catching Theives

GDPR states you have 72 hours from finding a data breach to report it. How confident are you in finding that breach?

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