Why have we Unleashed Flowmon?

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System will help your business in the never-ending battle against cybercrime. This technology-driven solution will help you to increase your network security from the more traditional perimeter firewalls and endpoint security (Anti-Virus).

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is a network-based cybersecurity tool that will allow your network administrators to have a  full overview of anything that is happening on your IT networks in real time.  ADS uses intelligent network behavior analysis and artificial intelligence machine learning. It has been designed to look for any anomaly based on suspicious behavior and anything happening out of the normal working patterns.

However, the main reason we like the Flowmon Anomaly Detection System is the cost of the solution is ideally suited to SME’s/Corporate and Enterprise clients and the cost is far cheaper than equivalent SIEM products.

Deal with Security Threats and Operational Issues Confidentially

Key Benefits

  • Full Range of Detection Methods – Detect network traffic anomalies such as DNS and DHCP. The ability to understand the behavior of your local devices and see any attacks on your network. ADS is continually looking for port, dictionary and DDoS attacks. In addition, ADS scans for unwanted applications, viruses, botnets and country reputation.
  • Simple Installation and Ease of Use – We estimate you can be up and running in 30 minutes, with a simple dashboard that provides an interactive experience. With easy to understand event logging and a detailed explanation of events.
  • Proactive Security against modern threats – ADS uses predefined methods for detecting network behavioral patterns. Working to identify and stop advanced threats, botnets, malware and a whole lot more.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting – Delivering real-time monitoring of security and operational alerts in a physical and virtual environment. Alerting via email and exporting of all logs to various formats.
  • Complimentary – No matter whether you are a large, small, physical or virtual network, Flowmon has a solution for you. If you have an existing SIEM solution, we can integrate to give you more functionality.
  • Maximum flow data utilisation – Flowmon ADS will support all flow data standards such as NetFlow, V5/V9, IPFIX, JFlow, and NetStream. We can interrogate HTTP information, MAC addresses, and VoIP traffic.


Full Functionality after 30 Minutes

For simple deployment, Flowmon Anomaly Detection system is pre-configured enabling your business to reduce installation time and be up and running in no time.

For more details visit the Flowmon website

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Catching Theives

GDPR states you have 72 hours from finding a data breach to report it. How would you like to stop that breach at source?

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