There’s that term again: “IT consultancy;” two words that, in some circles, encourage the rolling of eyes, the sighing of breath, possibly the hushed utterance of numerous expletives. But like it or lump it, IT consultancy is more important than ever in today’s digital-centric business world.

Sure, it’s easy to see IT consultancy as “another thing to worry about,” but the process for your business is honestly more trivial than many make it out to be. A lot of companies will spend thousands on hiring in-house consultants to basically automate the whole process. But why do that when a shockingly efficient truth lies behind outsourced IT consultancy?

“But IT Unleashed, what could possibly be more efficient than in-house IT consultancy?” you ask, no doubt highly enthusiastically. The truth is, by outsourcing your IT consultancy needs, you’ll be saving tens of thousands every single year.

First of all, think about how much it costs to hire a single IT consultant for your business; what is their annual salary likely to be? Probably somewhere in the region of £30,000, and that’s being generous. While an in-house consultant may have greater ability and is, naturally, more readily available for you, it’s a cost you should consider cutting back on if you’re just starting out with your business.

Outsourced IT consultancy won’t break your bank, will likely have a clear payment plan outlined that will scale with the services you require, and will allow your business to invest funds in other areas such as advertising or social engagement. In short, you can focus on the important part of your business (running it) while your IT needs are in capable hands elsewhere.

So here’s the caveat; when it comes to outsourced IT consultancy, there’s no decision located in the grey area. It’s either to be, or not to be. Too tight of a budget to hire in-house? The last thing you want is your current staff diverging from their tasks by tackling IT issues themselves. Not trusting enough of an outside body handling your IT needs? Then you’d better be prepared to fork out for a proper IT consultancy position in your business.

Ultimately there are pros and cons to both sides; outsourced IT consultancy is less expensive, but also less specialised and perhaps there’s a risk of occasional unreliability; but that all depends on who you’ve enlisted. On the other hand, hiring an in-house IT consultant can provide a more immediate, more directed service, but the worth of the additional cost will vary depending on your business.

If you’re confused or simply need some advice, get in touch with Unleashed. We don’t bite, and we may just provide the answer to your business’s needs.