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11 08, 2015

What does Cisco Meraki not have in common with a M&S Self-Checkout

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A Non-Apology Dear Marks and Spencer Manchester. It was me, and I'm far from sorry. I took my basket of Dine in for 10 goodies, selected from your specific chilled shelves to your self-check-out. Your staff manning the area ignored me, watched me struggle with my laptop bag, basket and shopping bags and drop my [...]

1 06, 2015

What is Hyperconvergence?

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It’s been some time since I’ve specifically written anything on the topic of Hyperconvergence.  This isn’t to say that the subject has gone away, being ignored or anything like that.  Quite to the contrary, hyperconvergence is bigger than ever… […]

19 11, 2014

A Gateway to Smarter Working – The New Cisco BE6000S

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As an avid Cisco follower and yet another company I have a love-hate relationship with, I am rather excited about their latest SMB product.  In Cisco terms this would be called a ‘mid-market’ product. Finally after the mass cull of SMB products they’ve had – most of which were getting to a good level of [...]