I’m sure some of our long-standing customers will know our heritage is quite a few years older, but if we’re to look at the official Companies House record I should have bought a few cakes this week… It’s our 7th birthday!!!  We are obviously too busy working on behalf of customers to celebrate!

That’s seven years of hard work, sacrifice, integrity, passion, flexibility, innovation and disruption!

I certainly like to thank our customers for ensuring we’re still here, thriving and working on new and exciting areas of IT and Digital Transformation each year.

I’m never happier than working on those challenging, (sometimes stressful) projects with our customers – working with you as part of an expanded team is what makes Unleashed such a great place to be.

So a personal thanks from me for working with us and believing in what we do!

We’ve been working on Unleashing quite a few new solutions all around Digital Transformation and Cyber Security – so no doubt we’ll be showing you what we’ve done quite soon!