You may think that it is only two letters, but changing from being Unleashed IT to Unleashed has been a big move for us.

I used to think having the description of what your company does in its name is great – Joe Blogs Plumbing or A.N.Other Construction – you’ll never question what they do.

However, what happens if you have capabilities and strengths that exceed what the perceived limitations that your name applies to you?

Here at Unleashed we felt that the name Unleashed IT was doing just that.  Whilst we sell and support IT, we also work very hard on non-IT issues like business process improvement, we also help IT departments and IT professionals improve their own performance.  We are problem solvers, however that would make our name a bit too long!

To us, IT is the tool set that we use to achieve what we do – we tackle both the human, process and technological issues faced by companies trying to compete in the information age.  And information really is the key, where technology is merely a tool – some way along the line as I was combined with T it just began to mean expensive boxes that sometimes work.

Here at Unleashed we’re a boutique IT consultancy, trying to go back to the good old days of computing where what we do is to make businesses more effective and efficient through their use of technology – giving them better information on which to make decisions.  Everything we do, whether it’s hardware, software, support, coaching or consultancy has that one intent.

As much as we quite liked our old logo, the faithful dog; everyone’s best friend has been replaced with something that represents how what we do is to facilitate collaborations between our clients, us and our technology providers – only together can we truly be Unleashed.

If you’re curious about possibilities and what we can achieve together then give us a call and experience the difference for yourselves.