In simple terms, a workflow management system (WMS or WfMS) is a software system that is designed to help your business streamline routine business tasks or processes.

The aim of a WMS is to remove the time consuming, repetitive manual tasks from your employees and automate them. This means you will get improved accuracy, faster processing, happier staff and quite often reduced costs. If you then add in the ability to produce management reports, why would you not want to do it?

Traditionally workflow management systems were only adopted by large corporations and enterprise companies. But, as we have moved towards an easier and less expensive no-code or low-code way of developing, this has now become available to all companies. However, due to cost, it will only really be adopted by a business that has more than 30 staff.

The first step is to identify a process. If you think about this logically, a process is a series of tasks. If we break this down, it makes it easier to understand how it may be automated. The one constant is it always starts data in some form. Each process will have a starting point and an end outcome all you have to do is to identify what these are and the steps in the middle.

There are many different types of WMS. At , we can offer your business many options to suit your needs and requirements. At the moment one of the most cost-effective is Kissflow. But there are others we work with from Microsoft, Power Automate and Power Apps. We can also offer with UiPath. So whatever your use case, we can help.

What does a workflow management system do?

When looking for WMS you have to think about what you are trying to achieve and what problem you are looking to solve. You always need to be thinking about efficiency. Don’t stray from the basic fact that a WMS is designed to help streamline routine business processes for optimal efficiency. That is the main aim, so start small, don’t try to do everything at once or you will fail at the first hurdle.

There are 3 things you should think about and the system must do.

  1. Workflow process, each process should be broken down into a series of tasks and these tasks can then be automated
  2. Follow up on uncompleted or outstanding tasks within the process and flag when tasks overrun.
  3. Have the ability to report on all aspects and provide performance metrics

Some questions to ask before you choose a WMS

  1. What are your pressing needs?
  2. What do you require the system to do?
  3. How many people will be using the system?
  4. What are your timescales for implementation?
  5. Do you have the right partner in place to help and support you?
  6. Have you done a comparison of different systems to find out what is the best one to suit your needs?

If you have answered all those questions, you are ready to proceed, if you are still unsure about any aspect then you can reach out to or you can call us on 0333 240 0565 or email and we can have a chat.