CIO Advisory Services

When you ask our customers what we do for them you will obviously get different answers but the one constant we keep hearing is – You do the things we can’t do for ourselves. But does that actually mean? Well is suppose it is best summed up by the term CIO or IT Advisory Services. We take your problems and work them out for you.

We have been around for many years now, and when it comes to IT technology, there is not much we haven’t done. If you are a CIO, IT Director, IT Manager or Business Owner, you all have the same problem. What is the best technology to suit my business and how much is going to cost? More than ever, there is such an abundance of technology solutions in today’s marketplace, some fantastic, some good, but a lot are not worth even looking at. But, because these people can write good content with nice pretty pictures, someone will buy it! And, if it doesn’t work, we all know the consequences.

Our job is to find out what problem you are looking to solve, identify a couple of solutions at the right price and give you the options to make sure what you need is what you get. Sounds simple, but believe me it isn’t and takes a lot of work and research.

What does our Service include?

  • Vendor Selection and Negotiation

  • Technology Road Maps

  • IT Governance

  • Risk Management

  • Planning

  • Presenting to the Board

  • Cost Control

  • Managing Change

  • IT Strategy

The above list is endless because we do whatever you want us to do in any capacity. We work with you and not against you and our whole remit is to make you look good.

We could go into a lot of jargon and say things like ‘Our services involve giving you assistance to plan and design business units to perform better’ And we do all that. But we also like to speak plain language, that way everyone knows what the problem is, and what the expected outcome is.


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