IT due diligence

If you are looking to purchase or sell a business then IT due diligence becomes very important. Little thought is often put into how the technology strategies of organisations will fit, post-merger or post-acquisition.  That is where we can help.

Advising businesses pre and post-merger or acquisition. Unleashed, can develop a clear strategy of how alignment can be achieved for the technology within organisations.

The benefits lead to tangible cost savings:

Due diligence services

  • Realistic budgets of integration costs

  • Give a clearer understanding of IT Management and Support resources required moving forward

  • Less time spent on integration projects and developing workarounds in the interim periods

  • Fully costed and developed projects to realise integration

In the modern information age, the IT systems within an organisation pay a key role in operations, managing information flow and allowing financial reporting.

IT can be the largest capital item on an organisations books, and also heavily integrated with the way an organisation does things.  Poorly-thought-out integrations and poor strategic fits in IT systems can take a seemly perfectly looking merger or acquisition and make it a costly exercise.

The IT in a target organisation may be a prime source of competitive advantage and its integration with the parent organisation must be effectively managed, risk assessed and completely changed where it can be.  We work with businesses to achieve integration where it can be, reduction of IT overhead without sacrificing competitive advantage.

Unleashed offer a comprehensive consultancy service for IT due diligence for a variety of scenarios:

  • Buy-side for Private Equity

  • Buy-side for M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

We also provide a wealth of other complimentary services:

  • Pre and post merger and acquisition advice and action planning

  • IT Strategy Development

  • Specifications and Procurement

  • Programme and Project Management

  • IT Infrastructure Integration

  • IT Department Integration Services


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