IT Solutions for Leisure and Retail

Unleashed had provided many IT solutions for Leisure and Retail customers. We’re sensitive to the fact that large IT projects, infrastructure work and other work can cause downtime to your business, closure of stores, hotels, and other facilities taking out fee earning leisure and retail space whilst technology projects are implemented.

Here at Unleashed, we carry out such work in conjunction with your operations teams to ensure the minimum time spent on site and minimum disruption to your facilities.

We’ve carried-out work from high-end fashion retail space to large distribution warehouses and everything in-between.

What can Unleashed do for Leisure and Retail?

Unlike most IT companies, we understand the industry and what concerns you have in carrying out technology projects:

  • We put your customers first, understanding what your demographics are and finding solutions that ease their use of your facilities whilst adding value

  • We help you calculate return on investment for any technology deployed

  • We have solutions for the small leisure and retail business as well as large national and multinational chains

  • We have full UK coverage in providing installation and project management services

The Unleashing Process we’ve developed continues engagement with your company after our project is complete, to ensure that the technology continues to remain relevant to your organisation.

For Leisure and Retail, we’ve carried out projects such as:

  • In-store people counting with integration to EPOS reporting
  • CCTV over IP

  • Guest and Visitor WiFi with enhanced tracking and analytics
  • Hospitality internet and TV systems

This is of course in addition to the standard IT services you’d expect from an IT company!

Oh yes, and we’ve got a few special products and services specifically useful for the retail and leisure industries, that we like to keep up our sleeves until we come out and meet you.


We want a relationship with our clients, you make the tea and we’ll bring the biscuits – a consultation is free so why not claim your biscuits!