Legal Process Improvements

Efficiency is the key to a profitable law practice. Legal process improvements are the key to ensuring your practice can produce documents efficiently. This in turn makes work easier and improves the flow of fee income.

Studies have highlighted that law firms are failing to take sufficient notice of recent changes in consumer attitude and technologies.

These changes are having a major impact on the practice of law. It states, if law firms do not begin to overcome long-standing prejudices and start facing these challenges, they are going to be left behind economically and in every other way.

Many Lawyers, think of business process improvements with distaste. It does not fit with the idea that practising law is essentially an intellectual and perhaps individual activity.  However, some form of consistent process must exist behind the scenes, underpinning the legal work being done.  Without it, law firms would never have been able to sustain growth or profits.

The classic law business practice is characterised by:

  • A clear chronology to every case, structured by numerous milestone and filing dates
  • Multiple regulations, legislative requirements and rules which set boundaries for legal work
  • A reliance on (typically paper-based) forms
  • Many of these forms, processes and rules are shared by lawyers throughout different organisations
  • An intolerance of administration and non-value-adding work on behalf of the lawyers, who do most of the work.

Despite these process-based characteristics underlying all legal work, until recently most lawyers have been able to work without those processes being defined, documented and optimised.

By implementing Legal Process Improvements you can overcome some problems facing the Legal Sector:

  • Better service levels for clients
  • Increase Fee Income
  • Keep talented Lawyer motivated and enthusiastic
  • Cash flow tight
  • Making the most out of Technology
  • Competition for work is strong, you need to be the best to attract top clients

Unleashed IT aim to help you overcome these problem, allowing you to offer the service clients now demand. This means, by understanding your costs and processes, will help you to reduce price and increase efficiency.

 Why Legal Process improvement?

  •  Specially designed software tools to help map out processes
  • Remove inefficiencies
  • Cash will flow into the business more quickly and lock up can be reduced.
  • Project management approach to legal matters
  • Build a simple process map of your organisation
  • Follow a structured approach to identify critical legal business processes

Over the last few years we have been working with Legal professionals to help them release them from the mundane time consuming processes that have little or no impact fee income. By automating these processes, we have seen fee income rise and the volume of work increase.

One of our team of will be happy to carry out a free Process Improvement Assessment and see how automating tasks can save you time and make your practice more efficient and profitable.


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