Why have we Unleashed Panda Endpoint Security?

Panda Endpoint SecurityThe threat landscape is forever changing. The sad fact is, your business is the target. Typical anti-virus is no longer sufficient to protect your end-users against current cyber threats. For this reason, you now need next-generation endpoint security. And, for this reason, we believe that Panda Endpoint security is one of the best solutions in today’s marketplace.

In today’s world Anti-Virus just isn’t enough – Panda Endpoint Security provides you with the following benefits:

Panda Adaptive Defence 360

A cloud-based cybersecurity solution for your desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. It automates the prevention, detection, containment and response against any known and with zero-day protection, unknown attacks. When you add in, ransomware, phishing, and memory exploits, you have a very comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

Panda AD360 differs from other solutions as it combines a range of security technologies such as Endpoint Protection (EPP) and automated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). This means you get one service managed by Panda cybersecurity experts which also delivers a Zero-Trust application service. This comprehensive solution will ensure your endpoints are fully automated and your alerts are managed. Giving you piece of mind and nothing to do.


The Zero-Trust Application Service

The Zero-Trust Application Service monitors and prevents the execution of any malicious application or processes on your network endpoints. To enable this, each execution is automatically classified as either malicious or legitimate. This eliminates the need for any manual intervention. This is possible thanks to the way the software utilises AI (artificial intelligence) and cloud processing meaning you have the speed, flexibility, and scalability to handle any exploit.

Panda Endpoint Security
Simplifies and Minimises the Cost of Advanced and Adaptive Security
  • Fully managed service

  • Automatically learns from threats

  • Maximum prevention on the endpoint reduces operating costs to almost zero

  • No on-site hardware, all cloud managed

  • Lightweight software install means no overhead on end-user device

Automates and Reduces Detection and Exposure Time (Dwell Time)
  • Prevents the running of threats, Zero-day, Malware, ransomware and Phishing

  • Prevents the running of threats, zero-day, malware, ransomware and phishing

  • Detects and blocks malicious activity

  • Detects malicious processes

  • Detects and blocks hacking techniques and proceedures

  • Automatic and transparent remediation

  • Immediate endpoint recovery

Panda Endpoint Protection

Advanced Automated Security on Endpoints

Panda Adaptive Defence 360 offers a single fully integrated solution that combines traditional Anti-Virus with next-generation technologies that give you prevention, detection and automated responses against advanced cyber threats.

Traditional Preventative Technologies
  • Personal or managed firewall

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention system (IDS)

  • Device Control

  • Anti-Malware and on-demand scan

  • Managed Blacklist/Whitelist

  • Pre-execution heuristics

  • Web Access control

  • Anti-spam and Anti-phishing

  • Anti-Tampering

  • Mail content filter

  • Remediation and Rollback

Advanced Security Technologies
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • Continuous monitoring on endpoint activity

  • Cloud-based machine learning to classify 100% of processes – Advanced Threat Protection (APT), Ransomware, rootkits etc

  • Cloud-based sandboxing

  • Behavioral analysis and IOA (Indicators of Attack) detection – Scripts/Macros

  • Automatic detection and response to memory exploits

Find out more about Panda Adaptive Defence 360 by watching the following short video

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