Network Security should be your number one priority

Network security is the only way to protect your business against cybercrime. As we all know, cybercrime is on the increase and is costing business millions of pounds every year. If your business hasn’t been affected, you have been lucky and it is only a matter of when and not if!

Cyber Protection

This means network security should be top of your priority list. There is no right or wrong way to ensure your network is safe, but you should have at least two level of protection.

First of all and the simplest to implement is Anti-Virus. This is a must for every user on every device. There is really no excuse for not having antivirus because it is as cheap as chips!

Every business should have a network firewall. This is a hardware appliance that is directly connected to the Internet. It manages Internet traffic and all data in and out of your business. Your Firewall should also include software services such as. Intrusion Protection (IPS), Gateway Anti-Virus, Phishing and application control.

Unleashed recommend you have anti-virus and a firewall as a minimum level.

What else can I do to protect myself?

  • Cyber Essentials. This is a new government cybersecurity standard.

  • Monitoring.  Seeing what is going on at the network level and keeping an eye on all user activity
  • Training. Ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse. Ensure all users have a basic knowledge of cybersecurity. It will also help them outside of work

  • Blocking malicious websites – Stop harmful websites from opening within your business

Taking network security to the next level

IT network security is a very specialised field within IT and not every IT professional is qualified. That is why you have companies like Unleashed. We can help you on many levels. Two specialities that will help you to become more secure:

  • 1. Penetration Testing – Firewalls, as we have already mentioned, are complicated devices. The more software services you run the more chance that at some point you will have an open firewall port that is vulnerable to computer hackers. And let’s face it, they don’t need much encouragement to take advantage of any error. This is where Network Penetration testing can be invaluable and should be carried out annually. A Pen test will scan your network to open ports or vulnerabilities and report where these are. This means you can close them and shut off any breaches.
  • 2. Phishing – is becoming more and more problematic and is catching businesses out daily. Unleashed, can carry out phishing exercises where we challenge your users to click on a particular website. Of course, our websites are harmless and will tell your user where they went wrong and why. This inexpensive exercise will highlight how aware your users are.

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