Free Wireless Design Service

trusted wireless providerUnleashed is offering a free wireless design service to our existing and future customers.

In partnership with WatchGuard, our technical consultants will visit you to determine your wireless needs. We will then use predictive simulation to show the approximate number of access points and install locations. We will require a questionnaire to be filled out and once complete a full report will be provided with costs for the project.

What security services can I get?

WatchGuard offers you the choice of three wireless security subscriptions for their access points:

  • Basic Wi-Fi – Use the Gateway Wireless Controller on the WatchGuard Firebox to configure, manage and monitor WatchGuard AP’s directly from the Firebox
  • Secure Wi-Fi – Use WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud for AP management, security, and monitoring
  • Total Wi-Fi –  Use WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud for AP management, security, and monitoring. Provides additional tools for guest engagement, analytics, social media integration, captive portals, and splash page design.

Unleashed and WatchGuard expert design consultants will help to build your Wi-Fi network.

Find out more about Secure Wi-Fi by watching the video below:


If you would like to review your network security, book a free Wi-Fi design or need more details on our Cybersecurity services – please get in touch.