Multi-Factor Authentication

watchguardUsing stolen passwords or user credentials is now the number one tactic used by hackers to breach your business network defences.

To help guard against this,  our security partner Watchguard has developed their AuthPoint multi-factor authentication solution. This means, that even if your password is stolen, hackers cannot access your business data.

How does it work?

watchguard multi-factorAuthPoint is a cloud-managed solution that offers a second level of user authentication. This means whenever you log in to one of your accounts, you will get a notification on your mobile device to authenticate who you are. By adding this additional level of protection you can be assured your business is protected.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) will reduce network disruptions and data breaches through stolen or weak user credentials (passwords). AuthPoint takes traditional 2-factor authentication (2-FA) to the next level by incorporating innovative ways to ensure you are who you say you are. It deploys mobile device DNA containing a large ecosystem of third-party integrations. This means strong protection is deployed across your whole network. This includes VPN (virtual private networks) and cloud applications.

Mobile Device DNA

MFA requires users to provide the credentials they know (username and password) and information on something they have (mobile phone). AuthPoint then provides a highly secure MFA product that incorporates push messaging, QR (quick response) codes or one-time passwords (OTP). Mobile device DNA then matches the user’s phone against the secondary password and grants access. As this secondary password changes constantly, any stolen credentials become worthless.

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

The easy-to-use AuthPoint app means users can authenticate from their mobile. This means there is no need for key fobs or thumb drives. Just install and activate the AuthPoint app and get started. You can then authenticate any service directly from your smartphone. This app is free of charge from AppStore and Google Play.

Single Sign On – SSO

Simplicity is the name of the game. This is the reason that AuthPoint has incorporated Single Sign-On (SSO). As part of the 3rd party ecosystem, AuthPoint has incorporated SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). This is the standard protocol that allows web browsers to incorporate SSO using a secure device. SAML eliminates all passwords, instead, using cryptography and digital signatures to pass a secure sign-in token to the web application. An added benefit is offline authentication for Windows and Mac users.

Keep imposters off networks, VPNs, Cloud Resources and more!

watchguard multi-factor diagram


WatchGuard Cloud Platform

  • 100% Cloud-based

  • Authenticator allocation and activation

  • Group authentication policies

  • Logs and reporting

  • Role-based access

  • Easy to use interface

AuthPoint Mobile App

  • Three authentication methods:
  1. Push messages
  2. One-time passwords
  3. QR codes when offline
  • Mobile authenticator

  • 11 Languages

  • Multi-token support

  • iOS and Android

  • PIN/Biometrics protection

  • Mobile device DNA

  • Self-service mobile migration to new devices

AuthPoint Gateway

  • Corporate network gateway
  • Active Directory user authentication and sync

  • RADIUS Proxy

AuthPoint Agents

  • Integration with 3rd party applications with native MFA support
  • Computer login protection for Windows and MacOS

AuthPoint Ecosystem

  • Add MFA to cloud resources, application, databases and web resource

  • Support for SAML and RADIUS standards
  • Comprehensive integration guides for many popular 3rd party solutions

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