Secure Wi-Fi

trusted wireless providerSecure Wi-Fi is a must in an ever-connected world with a growing number of open Wi-Fi networks, now more than ever we have to be careful.

I know this sounds crazy in a world where cybersecurity is on everyone’s lips – however, Wi-Fi is easier than ever to hack. If your business is offering Wi-Fi to employees or customers, it is your duty to ensure it is secure.

secure wi-fi

Did you know?

Just offering always-on Wi-Fi is not good enough anymore. What is required is Wi-Fi that secures your business 24/7/365, while also providing Scalability, performance, and productivity. Your existing solution may be good enough for performance, but does it prevent the six known Wi-Fi threats?

The good news

If you want to provide secure wi-fi to your business and you have already invested in wireless technology – you don’t need to rip and replace!

You simply add WatchGuards Wi-Fi Security to your existing network.

How does this work?

  • Simply add a WatchGuard access point to your network. This will then operate as your WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System)
  • Dedicated WIPS sensors will add enterprise-grade wireless to your existing network

  • WIPS security sensors will scan and protect you against the six known Wi-Fi threats

Which Wi-Fi manufacturer will it work with?

  • Cisco and Cisco Meraki

  • Ruckus

  • Aerohive

  • Aruba
  • Ubiquiti

What does WIPS do?

WatchGuard WIPS will protect your business brand, confidential data, intellectual property, and regulated data.

  • Auto-classification of access points (AP’s), clients and networks

  • Authorised WAN policies

  • Intrusion prevention capabilities

  • Device MAC address banning

  • Smart device recognition and BYOD policy enforcement

Free WI-FI design service

Unleashed and WatchGuard expert design consultants will help to build your Wi-Fi network.

Take a look at the video below for further information:


If you would like to review your network security, book a free Wi-Fi design or find out more about our Cybersecurity services, please get in touch.