USaaS – A new way to look at Cyber Threats

USaaS – Unleashed Security-as-a-Service could be the answer to your Cyber Security headaches.

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing environment with technology acting as both a friend and foe.  It is no longer just enough to take the precautions of network firewalls and antivirus.  Next generation technology defences branded as comprehensive security must be the minimum standard that an organisation must adopt, which must be run in conjunction with in-depth logging of the network.

Organisations are continually falling victim to the various cybersecurity attacks such as advanced threats, ransomware, phishing and more tradition computer viruses.

The main problem with this is, that organisations have limited ability to respond to the ever-changing threat landscape. Traditional network security is just not good enough any-more, to provide you with a comprehensive security proposition. Unleashed, believe USaaS could be your answer.

Now, Unleashed, can provide you with a fully managed security service or USaaS  (Unleashed-security-as-a-service). We have developed this service in partnership with WatchGuard.

Security-as-a-service has four main components

  • 1. Prevention:  Prevent malicious threats from entering your network
  • 2. Detection:  Detect malicious events before they cause damage
  • 3. Correlation:  See the relationship between security events to determine risk
  • 4. Reaction:  Set policies to automatically alert and/or respond to threats

For years, only enterprise businesses could afford to carry out threat detection and response and enable full reporting against security events. Now thanks to WatchGuard, we can offer this at extremely cost-effective rates.

Threat Detection and Response (TDR) will enable you to take immediate action against any threat to your network, users or indeed any device that is connected to your local area network (some restriction may apply depending on operating system). In fact, the new service is so advanced you can now give each security event a score from 1 to 10 depending on how you see security breach and this is fully customisable per site.

One main issue up to now has always been remote users. Well now, we can ensure a host sensor is installed on every laptop, giving full management of that device from any location. It can even be rolled out un-intrusively from active directory.

USaaS now offers you protection at every layer of your network.

  1. Prevention
    Network Protection
    Unified Threat Management Services
    Endpoint Ransomware Protection
    Wireless Intrusion Protection (WIPS)
  1. Detection
    Endpoint and hardware Firewall
    Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection
    Heuristic threat analysis
    Multiple Threat Feeds
    Cloud Intelligence Services
  1. Correlation
    Event Fusion
    Behavioral Analytics
    Whitelist Verification
    Indicator Scoring
    Device Incident Score
  1. Reaction
    Machine Guided

With USaaS, SMB’s and Mid-Corporate businesses get all the benefits of a comprehensive advanced security suite with enterprise-grade functionality with the cost or complexity of having to employ an IT Security specialist.

How it all works:

Threats detected on the WatchGuard Firebox where they are continuously monitored and analysed, then scored and ranked by severity of the threat. Threats can then be quickly remediated through one-click response options.

Watchguard TDR

Watchguard TDR


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