SME Cyber Risk Assessments

SME Cyber Risk Assessments from Unleashed has been specifically designed to provide SME companies (up to 200 Users) with a fixed price cyber risk assessment. Recent market research has told us, that companies are frightened to engage Cyber Security professionals because of the unknown cost.

For this reason, and because we want to help small businesses to get compliant. We have introduced our fixed-price SME cyber risk assessments starting at just £1,000.00 (up to 10 users on a single site).

What do you get for £1,000?

Unleashed will carry out a full IT Security Audit on-site with a dedicated individual, this can be IT Manager or another technical representative. You will get one of our cybersecurity consultants on-site for a full day. At this time, we will do a full in-depth audit of your systems. We will install automated cyber security software that will give us a traffic light report of how good or bad your cybersecurity is. If you need to improve, then we will inform you of these areas and tell you how to fix them. If necessary, we can carry out this work (at additional cost).

If all your systems are up to the required standard then you will be awarded the Cyber Essentials Accreditation and the good news for you, the accreditation cost is included in the Assessment fee.

Get Accredited

One of the main criticism of Cyber Security Audits has been that they are point-in-time assessments. As the threat landscape changes daily, once the risk assessment has been done, it is out of date. However, with the SME Cyber Risk Assessment from Unleashed, we will leave the software running on your network for 12 months. This means you can constantly monitor our software, giving you peace of mind that you are staying cyber security compliant throughout the year.

It has been well reported that your internal staff is one of the main vulnerabilities within the business. Therefore, we will also do a cybersecurity briefing for all your staff. This will inform them about tricks that cybercriminals are using and how to combat these attacks.


To book your SME cyber risk assessment, you can call on 0333 240 0565 or you can use the red button and fill in our contact form.