Why have we Unleashed WatchGuard?

watchguardWatchGuard Network Security Appliances have been Unleashed. One of the things we have liked from the start about WatchGuard is how they interact with partners and customers. For a start, they are really friendly guys and are only a phone call away when there is a problem. If we push them hard, we are getting some really good pricing which always helps!

Cyber Security has never been more important. We are hearing on a weekly basis about some company that has had a data breach of some sort. As a result, every business owner or managing director has a duty to protect their digital assets. Unleashed can help you to plan and prepare your cybersecurity strategy.

Why are WatchGuard network security appliances different?

In the first instance, WatchGuard only does security products. Because of this, they do them really well. We like the fact that all the software services running on the WatchGuard Network Security Appliances are from different vendors. This means you have multiple points of failure rather than just one.

Some of the other highlights

  • Enterprise Grade Security – at SME pricing

  • Simplicity – Easy to install and can be managed centrally

  • Performance – Fast performance from a hardware appliance, always good when you are trying to catch nasty stuff

  • Visibility – Full visibility on your network, so you can act quickly to any instance

  • Future Proof – Constant updates with new security patches and fixes

  • Firebox Range – A full range of product to suit every business

Centralised management

WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) allows you to centrally manage all your Firebox appliances from one easy to use console.

Watchguard network security appliances

Security Services running on the Firebox appliances

  • Advanced Threat Protection Blocker (APT)

  • Network discovery

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Threat detection and response

  • Intrusion Prevention

  • Reputation-based threat prevention

  • URL Filtering

  • Spam prevention

  • Gateway Antivirus

  • Application Control

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