The Problem

Enterprise Resource Planning  – ERP/CRM Customer Relationship Management

ERP/CRM are software solutions that can give management a full insight into all activities and processes taking place. Choosing which solution is right for you really depends on what your business requirements are.

Getting a simple, well-planned and architected approach to your organisation’s information architecture is essential. Choosing the tools to do so, is also extremely important.

33% of organisations perceive customisation of ERP/CRM’s as a barrier
53% of organisations that have implemented CRM believe they provide better customer service
59% of firms implementing ERP/CRM systems believe they have less duplication and time wasting
45% of those implementing a ERP/CRM believe they have improved communications between teams

Manage business process more effectively, improve efficiency and delight customers.


What is ERP/CRM?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manages business processes. This software, allows a singularly integrated application to manage the back office of a company and automate processes. Essentially, providing functions such as accounting, payroll, scheduling, manufacturing, productions, logistics planning and sales and marketing.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) or xRM as it is sometimes called, helps manage processes. Much like an ERP solution but much smaller in scale.

ERP and CRM solutions can be integrated with your phone system. When a customer calls you, a record or file can open automatically on answering the phone call, this is called screen popping. This simple function can help staff save time and give your customers a better and more efficient service.

Why move?

Having a single solution that runs all of your business processes can be invaluable. Better reporting and management information, allowing quicker and more accurate decision making improves efficiency. Automating payroll, accounts and sales can ensure information is readily available. This means you are giving your customers a better experience making the more loyal and hopefully spending more money.

If you are a manufacturer, then the stock control and warehousing functions become vital to smooth operations.

Be focussed

Typically ERP/CRM implementation projects are large and risky. However, the benefits can be substantial, but it all comes down to the planning. There is always a trade-off between changing the software to fit what you do. Unleashed, has found that proper planning and having the management buy-in are essential. You also need to consult with staff at every stage as they are the ones who carry out the manual task. By automating these tasks – you get maximum efficiency. If you make staff tasks easier, you get happier more contented staff.


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