Microsoft Power Apps


Microsoft Power Apps allows your business to create custom-built applications (apps). As you will be aware, business apps are now everywhere and are designed to make business processes easier and automated. Microsoft Power Apps will enable you to solve business issues with intuitive low-code tools that allow you to work faster and error-free. These apps will enable your business to integrate data from other software applications and allow this data to be shared wherever it is required.


Power Apps provides you with a range of pre-built templates that enables you to get up and running quickly and with a minimum of cost. Each template can be canvas or model-driven to all your move to automated digital transformation and can be used in many scenarios.

Tailored applications

Canvas is your starting place for Microsoft Power Apps. From there, you can customise each app to suit the roles and tasks within the specific app. Apps can be created for any business process.

Data modelling

As we have said before data is the new oil. So why not make the most of your data and use it to automate manual processes? You can then run this data against any business scenario and have this available at your fingertips. This will enable you to make informed and accurate business decisions.

Low Code

Power Apps is a low-code solution. This means developing these apps can be done by any member of your staff that has a bit of IT knowhow.


Use Microsoft Power Apps to build a powerful workflow engine

  • Power Automate – Powerful workflow engine

  • Design Logic – Use point and click flow designer to build your business logic

  • Simple process – Guide your end users through the whole process

  • 200 Connected sources – Automate your productivity and connectivity

  • Create powerful flows – Extend your business processes

A powerful data platform – find out more by watching the video below


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