What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software product that allows you to automate manual time-consuming tasks. Basically RPA uses a series of Robots, better know simply as “bots”. (A bot is an autonomous computer program on a network that interacts with other software systems or products), The purpose of each bot, is to collect data and manipulate applications. This is identical to what a human would do but it is fully automated. They work by interpreting and triggering responses then communicating with other software systems to perform repetitive tasks. However, they do these tasks faster and more accurately than a human operator.

What are the benefits of Robotic Process Automation

  • Cost Reduction

  • Speed increase

  • Improved decision making

  • Improved compliance

  • Quality improvements

  • Higher job satisfaction

  • Process standardisation

  • Scaleable functions

  • Increased uptime

Why would my business want Robotic Process Automation

During the COVID period, we have seen many businesses close and make their employees work from home. This in itself has caused many issues, but one main issue has been the ability to work as effectively at home as in the office. When the world returns to normal, it is envisaged that a lot of people will still work from home and companies reduce their office space and downsize their staff levels. To make this happen and not affect the profitability of the business more digital transformation will need to take place. One quick and simple solution to that is RPA.

RPA can be quick, easy and very cost-effective to implement. It is a very simple concept the more you automate the less staff you need to carry out these duties.

On a cautious note, automation will not remove staff just allow them to be more productive in other areas.

Where would I start the Robotic Process Automation process?

There are a few areas that you could start to look at

  1. If you have legacy software systems that are expensive to upgrade and not quite up to the task then this would be a great place to start. RPA would allow you to smooth transactions between legacy systems into a more manageable interface. This means instead of rip and replace you are getting more value from your existing investment.
  2. A big problem in business is the interaction between software products and systems. In simple terms, they don’t talk to each other. This means getting useful information in which to make informed decisions from multiple different software products can be very time-consuming and repetitive. Perfect for RPA.
  3. A lot of the time, you design your working practices around the systems you have in place. This is in fact very un-productive. Systems should be about to adapt around the way you work not the other way round. By using RPA you can change this quite quickly.

How difficult will it be?

Not very, we have a well-defined process that makes it relatively painless.

There are few different technologies you can use to achieve RPA. For more information and to find the right one for you get in touch.

Or, have a look at the following:

Ui Path

Blue Prism

Automation Anywhere

  • Discover

  • Build

  • Manage

  • Run

  • Engage

  • Measure


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