Time and Attendance

Accurately capturing your employees time and attendance records are paramount to ensuring they are where they should be and are paid correctly for the time they work. Unleashed, is pleased to announce that we are bringing the Netbundy devices to the UK.

Netbundy is easy to use, easy to manage, cost-effective time and attendance solution. A fingerprint activated tablet will allow your employees, contractors or visitors to quickly and easily register their presence at whatever location you choose.


Netbundy – Time and attendance features

  • A self on-boarding biometric tablet device – portable or fixed at your locations

  • Wi-Fi enabled, long battery life

  • Multimodel options – Secure fingerprint scanner, Face recognition or RFID reader

  • Cloud-managed, all data encrypted and saved in secure UK locations

  • Multiple bio-metric modes

  • Always-on cloud portal

  • Download time and attendance log to any software payroll package

Benefits of Netbundy

  • Real-time, time and attendance

  • Works as part of a fleet

  • Operates off-line if your Internet connectivity is intermittent

  • Cost effective time management solution

  • Log employes/contractors on and off-site

  • Streamlines timekeeping tasks – removes manual timekeeping sheets

  • Use as a fire register

  • Ready to use out the box, no expensive setup costs

  • Will integrate with your existing HR and Payroll systems

  • Rapid, easy to install and commission

fingerprint scan

What makes us different?

  • Design philosophy

  • Pricing model

  • Multi-site and location capable

  • Technician-free deployment

  • Evolving app eco-system


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