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Unleashed is pleased to introduce you to Volody – Compliance and Contract Management Software. For a long time, compliance is a part of the business that has been done manually and is traditionally very labour intensive and easy to make mistakes and it helps if you have a legal background.

Volody, is an Enterprise software solution that will enable you to manage compliance within our business. As we know, digital transformation is taking place at every level in business throughout the world and we can now help you with one the least sexy functions – compliance.

With Volody you can now automate the following functions:

  • Compliance management
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Paperless meetings
  • Litigation management
  • Secretarial automation

Technology is now the enabler to manage scale, reduce errors and enable smooth workflow management. We know from experience, that any manual repetitive process that requires human intervention can be automated to reduce errors, increase the speed of processing and enhance user experience.

Unleashed has made it our mission to only bring best of breed, innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Volody meets these criteria as they were founded by Chartered Accountants with over 50 years of experience to become a leader in the legal, tax and compliance software market.

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Our modern business world is heavily regulated. This means the cost to your business for non-compliance can be far more than ensuring you meet compliance standards. It has been estimated that the cost of non-compliance can be 2.71 times higher and this defines your business as failing to comply with rules, regulations, policies, contracts and other legal matters. So surely it makes more sense to automate this function?

Volody – Compliance manager ensures that none of your compliances will go unattended. This means you will remove the possibility of non-compliance.

Your Volody dashboard has the following features:

  • Dashboard to view and manage all your compliances
  • Email updates and reminders to manage upcoming compliances
  • Listing all of the compliances relevant to each job function
  • Escalation reminders for upcoming compliances to senior managers
  • Templates for compliance formats

Contract Lifecycle Management

Reports have stated that legal contracts can make up 90% of your business. This makes getting them right, crucial. So, managing these contracts is vital to how profitable and viable your business is. Or contract management dashboard ensures these are all up to date and correct.

Features of Contract management

  • A listing of all open and closed contracts and agreements
  • Expiry and renewal reminders
  • Draft contracts, e-stamping and digital agreements on one dashboard
  • Indemnity clause information
  • Key terms and tenures
  • Approval matrix’s

Paperless Meetings

When you have an internal meeting you are creating data, you may be brainstorming a problem or designing a new product or talking over sales figures. You could be creating your business strategy for the coming year. But whatever you are discussing it has to be kept secure and within the business. You don’t want it falling into the wrong hands. With this in mind, Volody has created a paperless meeting system. One simple easy to use dashboard where all your meeting documentation can be stored safely and securely.

Features of Paperless Meetings.

  • Directors and Senior Management can access documents in one dashboard
  • Built-in security means every document is safe and secure
  • Controlled user access to dashboard
  • Facility to remove confidential documents
  • Document edit, comments and meeting notes facility

Case Manager

Legal dispute resolution or litigation is a complex procedure that will create a lot of documentation and actions. To automate and manage this process can only reduce the amount of time it takes and lower the cost. Volody offers and range of options and customisations to help your business control the outcome of any case against you.

Features of Case Management

  • Lists of all open and closed cases in court or in arbitration
  • Reminder to all of pertinent dates and actions
  • Information on the advocate of other parties
  • Information on the development of the case from concept to conclusion
  • Judge and court details
  • Hearing notes and judgements
  • One easy to use dashboard

Secretarial Automation

We have already mentioned compliance, but like it or not, it is a way of life if you run a business. Therefore, another element of Volody is our Secretarial Automation.  To automate and manage compliant documentation is very handy and can be a time and business saver.

Features of Secretarial Automation

  • Preparation of Corporate records (minutes, agendas and notices)
  • Auto preparation and generation of company incorporated documents
  • Secretarial standard audit
  • Auto preparation of statutory registers
  • Access to important regulations, acts and rules

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