Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is the key to efficiency, cost savings and the reduction in manual processing. Unleashed is now pleased to announce our partnership with Kissflow. We believe the Kissflow workflow automation solution is the easiest most cost effective way to transform your digital processes.

Every business has time-consuming manual processes that are costing your business money through in-efficiency. For this reason, Unleashed have introduced Kissflow to our portfolio of business process management (BPM) software. You can now at a touch of a button create a workflow from more than 45 pre-installed applications. From there, you just drag and drop from a list of workflow management fields to create a workflow that works for your business, very simple.


Kissflow workflow automation allows your business to choose from some of the following pre-built applications – or build your own!

  • Budget Approval

  • Asset Purchase

  • Vehicle Request

  • Travel Request

  • Employee Job Offer

  • Purchase Request

  • Sales Invoice

  • IT Access Control

  • Petty Cash

  • Employee Timesheet

For a full list go to the Kissflow website.


Before KissFlow

Before Kissflow
  • IT becomes a bottleneck to everything the business is trying to achieve
  • Every application is very expensive
  • Weeks/Months to deploy any new process

After Kissflow

After Kissflow
  • Business users can develop their own business processes
  • 20 x faster to implement new processes
  • No coding or development skills required
  • Fully managed cloud platform
  • IT no longer a bottleneck, it is now an enabler

A Simple, easy to understand process

  • 1. Install application – choose for over 45 different, ready to use applications

  • 2. Customise your form – with simple drag and drop instructions giving you 14 different fields or create your own

  • 3. Define your workflow – Define your workflow, set timescales and deadlines and create triggers

  • 4. Set Permissions – Who can do what, when, why and how

  • 5. Initiate workflows – Single click, handle approvals/requests from any device or reject

  • 6. Monitor progress – See everything that is happening in a single pane of glass

  • 7. Run management reports


Don’t leave it too late.

To find out how unleashed can help you achieve genuine business agility, speak to us today.