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IT Solutions

Unleashed have a range of specialist IT services designed for your needs, requirements, and budget.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

You can’t really have one without the other and they should really be tackled as one project. As a result, you can save a lot of planning time and cost implementing two separate projects. Any outage will be damaging to your business and if your staff cannot work, it will cost you money. The longer you are down the more cost associated with it. Therefore, business continuity means you can keep working whatever the outage, protect your business and save you money

This is where Unleashed can be of assistance. As a trusted IT partner, we can help you plan and prepare for any eventuality. We can tailor a Business Continuity plan into on easy to implement, easy to manage and cost-effective solution (depending obviously, on the size of your business). Whether you are SME/Corporate or Enterprise business, the basic principles are the same. It is only an economy of scale that changes.

Data Backup

Data backup is crucial to your IT systems. Basically, if you do not have a full backup and something happens your business is in trouble. If you cannot get data back to its original state then you will not be able to operate as efficiently as you could before the failure.

In simple terms, backup is a copy of your whole IT system that should be taken at least daily and preferably continuously and saved to a second location on-site and a third location that can be stored or taken off-site.

Data loss will always happen when you least expect it and every business doesn’t think it will happen to them, but it will at some point. Data loss can occur when your IT hardware fails or during a ransomware attack. It could also happen through user error. This means you must be prepared for it.

Data Storage

Data storage has been a problem for many businesses for years.

Consequently, this means, it will only get worse! Your business has spent years producing data and knowing what is current is very difficult. Data storage, like many other areas of your organisation, needs a strategy. Most of all, it requires an understanding of how to make sure the technology can support your business requirements. As more workers are demanding to work from home, how do you make this easy for them, and you? All remote workers, now have a mobile device of some sort and require data access. This means, your data storage strategy need to allow secure access to data from any location on any device

Communication is an essential part of life. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is one of the skills that businesses look for in employees. The use of technology can be a great help to people in communicating, reducing the time it takes to transfer information.

IT Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy Services, boutique-style

A boutique is a business offering a highly customised service to its clients. This is exactly what Unleashed do. We provide a tailored solution to suit the needs, requirements, and budget of our clients.

What this all means is we listen to what you have to say, we take note of the problems you are experiencing and trying to solve. We then look at the impact on the business and the return on investment you can expect. Only after everything has been considered, will we make any recommendations. We like to work in partnership with our clients and have a long and lasting relationship. We don’t do the hard sell!

We work with businesses of all sizes, from Small Medium Enterprises to Global Multinationals, with expertise in many sectors. We use The Unleashing Process to inform our methods.

IT Support

No two businesses are the same. For that reason, we offer a more tailored approach to IT Support. This enables us to design a package to meet your business needs and requirements. To enable us to get it right, we use our Unleashing Process which is our methodology to a consultative approach. This process of iteration, means you get the level of IT to support that your business requires. At a price, you want to pay.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft have been at the forefront of cloud services for sometime. Their Office 365 and Azure services are now considered to be so good they are becoming the standard IT solution for many businesses. Unleashed has been offering these specialist IT services to our customers for many years.

There are many different subscription models and solutions available with Microsoft. For this reason, we recommend a discussion about your requirements before we make any suggestions.


Data Networking is the plumbing that enables your business to talk to the rest of the world

Without an efficient and well-designed data networking solution your business will struggle with connectivity to the outside world. You will also not be able to share files and folders with your co-workers.

Telephone Systems

Telephone systems, much like mobile phones have merged with IT to become much more than they ever were. They now manage many modes of messaging through Unified Communication and Collaboration.

Flexible working, quicker customer response times, better record keeping and collaboration with both customers and suppliers make you a more dynamic business.


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